If you ever wanted to get a 6 pack and wanted to do it quickly, then this is a must watch video. Here I’m showcasing what Japanese social media influencer Hiiragi Sensei did to get impressive abs and build more muscle with just a single 4 minute workout repeated every single day for 5 months. But was it the ab workout he did or something behind the scenes that was responsible for his real results? Let’s break it down.

So the gameplan for Hiiragi was to perform a basic one exercise workout for 4 minutes in Tabata style. This means that he performs the single exercise for 20 seconds and then rests for 10 seconds every 30 second period. He continues this for a total of 4 minutes. The exercise of choice was the basic burpee. I will say however, that the one that he called a burpee was actually not quite a burpee. The removal of the chest to ground requirement of the burpee resulted in him performing a simple squat thrust. This is still a metabolically demanding exercise but not quite as difficult as the full chest to the ground version that he likely should have chosen – particularly if he wanted to build more muscle.

Nonetheless, he performed this workout every single day for 5 months.

There were no days skipped. As his conditioning level improved he was able to do more and more burpees in that same 4 minute workout. He started out getting about 5 reps done in every 20 second period and finished at the end of 5 months with the ability to perform 8 reps every 20 seconds for the entire 4 minutes. This was obviously a form of progressive overload and something that helped him to build more muscle during the period, not just lose the noticeable amount of fat that he did.

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In total, it is claimed that he lost 13.5kg (or 28lbs) in just 150 days.

If you were to do the math however, you would have to be a little skeptical, as am I. A minute of burpees burns on average about 15-17 calories per minute. Obviously this will vary depending on the size of the individual, the amount of body fat they carry right now and the speed at which they perform the reps.

The point we are going to highlight is that in a 4 minute workout of just burpees, the most calories he is going to be able to burn is 68. This is the 17 calories per minute for 4 minute calculation I just referred to. Now if you extrapolate that out for 5 months or 150 days you see that in total, he burned around 10,200 calories from the workouts. Divide this by the 3500 that is roughly equal to a pound of body fat and you’ll see that this is only responsible for 3 of the 28 pounds lost.

So how did he really do it?

The same way you or anyone else will have to do it if you really want to get a six pack – through diet. There is no way around the fact that the only way to get abs fast is to focus first and foremost on what you’re putting in your mouth. There is no magic 4 minute ab workout that is going to strip away the body fat and give you 6 pack abs.

As Hiiragai was gaining consistency with his daily workout he was also starting to hold himself more accountable to the process as a whole. No more did he bail on his nutrition and choose bad food selections with reckless abandon. Instead, he started to value the effort and consistency he was putting in with the workouts and was less willing to blow it by eating poorly. With improved quality of food choices and more responsible portions, he was able to really start losing body fat and getting 6 pack abs to show.

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In the end, it was only through the nutrition improvements that he was able to lose 25 of the 28 pounds.

If you want to get a 6 pack you will have to learn how to eat smarter.

That is where my recommendation of something else you can do for 4 minutes comes in.

Head to https://athleanx.com/carbs

Begin by selecting 4-5 starchy carbohydrates that you can’t live without (and shouldn’t be asked to if you want to experience long term success). In my case it would be pasta, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, rice and beans. Then, select as many fibrous carbohydrates as you like. Make sure that you’re not just eating them every meal but eating them in a much higher quantity than the starchy carbs if you want to get six pack abs.

Finally, select your proteins. Be sure to include one at every meal if you want to experience the meal satiety that comes from them and also support muscle growth and repair in the process.

If you’re looking for a step by step workout that provides you with no-fail daily meal plans as well, be sure to head to athleanx.com and use the program selector tool linked below. This will help you to find the plant that best matches your current goals.

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  1. “FAST ACTION” Q&A* – Leave your most burning question about this video or any other training, PT or nutrition question within the first 2 hours of this video’s release (AS A SEPARATE COMMENT!!) and I will pick 8 to get a detailed reply from me right here in the comments. Answers will be posted within the first 24-48 hours of you leaving the question. Good luck!

    1. Hi Jeff, love your videos! I was wondering which knee stretches & exercises would be the best for preventing injury. Also, tips on preventing straining your knees while working out?

    2. Ok I have a question. I have a six pack and continue to see muscle growth but my diet is pretty bad.

  2. I lost 43 pounds during Covid just by exercising and watching what I ate. The key is watching what I ate. I’m a PE teacher and I need to look the part of that. Thanks Jeff!!

    1. @Steven Cher Lake Heard that bro! I taught PE also. Its an awesome Job! After 7 Anthrax vaccinations I decided no on the covid one. I also teach science and nutrition. I do pull-ups everyday and eat healthy I think that’s why I didn’t get covid…..yet knock on wood.

      God bless you guys. Thanks Jeff!

    2. And they say calorie counting doesn’t work, doesn’t have to be rigourous but as long as u have a rough idea , make healthier choices u will lose weight , after a point u will have to be more rigourous but that’s if ur trying to be very lean

  3. I just finished my 4 minute workout and now I have a six pack, chilling in the fridge.

    1. I think you mean you can’t out-train a bad diet, but you’re 100% right there. Very important point. And one I’ve come to learn the hard way.

  4. Hi Jeff, is it possible to do some videos with exercises/stretches for hips that are out of alignment and the resulting back pain?

    1. I want this answered too (to me, the compensation comes with neck/head pain).

      In the meantime, I can tell you that in last video Jeff pointed out kneeovertoesguy, and he recommended walking backwards, and it truly helps. I feel different with just my bodyweight and one week. I just go forward and backwards in my small living room.

      I hope ot helps while Jeff release a video about this issue.

  5. After this video I got a six pack in 4 mins. I got a massive chest after 8, and by 12 I became my own father.

  6. As a 61 y/o fem I’ve experienced success in losing and keeping off 25 lbs (I’m 5’2″ so a little goes a long way) by removing processed carbs and only occasionally having starchy veg , combined with reducing meals to one or two a day. It’s very doable once I understood the consequences of insulin resistance and stayed consistent long enough to reap the benefits ,i.e. gone are joint pain in my hands and back, hot flashes, afternoon sleepiness ,cravings & hangry- feelimgs – all gone!

    1. Good for you. Actually, the one meal a day works for me. I have found, time and time again, that if I have breakfast, then I’m hungry later: if I don’t, then I can happily eat at 7 o’clock. I combine this with Jeff’s advice and training – I am particularly careful with my tendons and find that isometrics are really good.

  7. And here I took 7 years to build this physique.. If I only knew 4 minutes is all I needed.

    1. @Goldberg Sam More or less have had this physique for a year now, so yea.. but tiny improvements here and there keep happening with time.

  8. Damn Dude! Thanks! This was fricken awesome pep up. Really appreciate the arm idea/reminder at the end.

  9. Type 2 Diabetic here. Diagnosed 5 years ago. Was on more and more insulin until it was maxed, then added Trulicity and Januvia to no effect (my A1c was 10.7).
    I never drank soda, did not have a sweet tooth, I was not overweight, I just had a genetic predisposition that manifested and was out of control. At that point the doc told me I needed an insulin pump. I decided to research Diabetes and discovered that the problem was insulin resistance and that pumping me full of insulin was masking the real issue and ultimately making the problem worse. So I said no to the insulin pump, hired a dietitian who put me on a strict diet and I went back into the gym and within 5 months I was completely off of all insulin and the Trulicity. That was 4 years ago. Ultimately it was a food diary that showed me that I wasn’t making one big bad food decision (like eating a pint of Ben & Jerry’s) but I was making a series of small bad decisions that were having a cumulative effect ( like ketchup, there is more sugar by volume in ketchup than in Pepsi). Once I got that figured out the rest was easy. However, I have never found a diabetic friendly diet plan on your programs, and I have done several. Any chance you could either direct me to one if I just missed it, or create one if you haven’t already?

  10. Curious why Bananas are in both groups on the website: starchy carbs and fibrous carbs. Is it roughly 50/50? Does it depend how ripe it is?

  11. Still like the every day effect. I was on my bike for work as fast as I could for an hour every day with no days off, ate a LOT, and my legs were massive. Burning the actual fat though is another thing probably.

  12. You’re really my coach. Thank you for your advice. You’ve changed my life for the better.

  13. I can’t believe that he gained all of these muscles from a 4 minute workout per day. I think that he had most of them under the body fat, when he started his program.

  14. Hey Jeff, I recently came to realise that training for muscle growth or even strength is simply not the whole story, and after a couple of injuries, I can even go as far as saying that it’s not the most important thing. Training for tendon strength and extensibility for example has been a topic of interest for myself, I believe that people who are able to preserve their youth even as they get older are those who’ve spent most of their time physically active, and since we can’t all afford to abandon our desk jobs, we should figure out a way to incorporate tendon training in our workout routines. How would you suggest doing that without the risk of overtraining, and I would also be very interested if you’d create a program for something like this.

  15. The clock method works… (and I’m not talking about I.F. (for me only)) so much so that I am starting to notice the effect certain carbs has on my brain… to the point where I have kind of leaned into keto/carnivore. There was a day when I realized I was being consistent with the 90 degree carbs and then what you said once popped into my mind “the carbs are almost like a desert” that’s what started it. I almost feel like I am cheating with every meal or at least having desert after I’ve gotten through the 2 main “macros”. And having said that it almost kind of is macro counting… not calorie counting just yet. but the macro’s are almost obvious unless one is going 3D with the portions LOL! Tabata is no joke… but some sort of exercise has to be done to link the two together even if it is 4 minutes. “3/4 sets of closing your mouth around certain foods” or just not having them in your space!!!

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