Well-rounded glutes are not only the key to a nicer butt, but they also play an important role in strength, power, athleticism, and preventing injury. To build a nice butt, it's important to choose the right glute exercises and do the best glute workouts. In this video we test 17 glute exercises (hip thrusts, back squats, cable kickbacks, bulgarian split squats, and more) to see which ones came out ontop. At the end, we combine everything into the best glute workout for women and the best glute workout for men to grow your booty faster and get you a bigger, stronger butt.

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22 thoughts on “How To Get A Well-Rounded Butt (3 Best Glute Exercises)”
  1. Ironically, this is one of the reasons I got into fitness. I genetically have a rounded butt and it looked like I had an anterior pelvic tilt.

  2. Wow this is a very amazing and superb video bro telling about how to get a round butt and the 3 best exercises for this muscles and keep it up and keep training hard and be positive and happy always

  3. After watching your video and looking at the blog post, I think it would be best to have a breakdown table similar to that of the one you posted on the chest video of all the exercises performed and it’s corresponding EMG data. It would be nice to see where exercises that people are currently performing ended up on the list like previously. The individual data chart is also a big bonus because it helps to show the range of muscle activation during the study rather than just the average. I love your content man and I’m not sure if you’re going to read this, but keep doing what you’re doing.

  4. Love the new format. Kinda missed the antics and personal touches in this one, but great info!

  5. I’m surprised you hadn’t heard of the curtsy lunge before!

    Anyway this is good stuff. I’d been doing RDLs and lunges and Bulgarians, but hadn’t focused much on the upper flutes it seems. I’ll be sure to add the abduction movements.

  6. Im 48. I lost 70lbs in the last year by changing how I eat. I’m now 190lbs and want to workout and get a better shape. Im looking for information before I start working out

  7. I am doing exercise for my my breast uplift by laying on floor…using dumbbells…due to which caused pain in shoulder joints …so please suggest me the best way to do it…

    1. It likely is ur elbow angles causing you shoulder pain.. try placing your elbows at approx a 45 degree angle from your torso when u press the weight up and down.. this will be alot safer for your shoulders. And it also aligns with ur chest muscle fibers better/activates chest muscles alot more rather than your delts(shoulder muscles) i hope ur pain issue gets resolved!

  8. Amazing, keep it up! So grateful for your channel and all you guys’ hard work in putting this together.

  9. One other exercise that is easy but effective is the two hand kettle bell swing.
    As with anything consistency is what gets you results.
    With that in mind, when focusing on glutes I go with high rep kettle bell swings and high rep deadlifts about 4 times a week
    Keeping the weight reasonable to: facilitate high reps, concentrate on the motion and avoid injury

  10. My go to program for glutes included rdls, hip thrusts, hypertensions and cable kickbacks. So I guess I was doing something right. Reverse lunges and Bulgarian split squats are a bit dangerous for a damaged quad in my right leg but maybe I should try to incorporate reverse lunges a little bit… Thank you for this guide!

  11. Will the emg’s for each of the 17 glute excercises tested be released? Where can I find that data. Thanks for your effort in making the video btw!

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