In case you didn’t know, there are 17 food I eat every single day for 6 pack abs and to make sure that I stay lean all year round. In this video, I am going to cover the foods that are included in my diet every single day that help me to stay lean and have six pack abs, as well as some of the reasons why I choose to include them, other than the fact that they taste good.

The first food on my list comes with breakfast and it is egg whites. Some of the major benefits of including egg whites in my muscle building diet is that the 6 egg whites I have each morning contains 24 grams of protein. The egg whites are a great lower calorie breakfast option that contain less fat than other common breakfast proteins such as sausage or bacon.

Sticking with breakfast, one of the staples of my diet and food that I eat every single day is oatmeal. Not only is it rich in complex carbohydrates to keep me fueled throughout the day, but it is high in fiber to help regulate cholesterol as well it contains magnesium to help alleviate muscle cramps due to my workouts. Add in the fact that there oatmeal contains 0 grams of sugar, and we are off to a good start.

I include skim milk in my daily diet plan as well. Not only do I drink a glass of it with breakfast, but I use it with my oatmeal and protein shake that I have alter in the day. I find that the low fat option is a better choice on a calorie-controlled diet than whole milk, simply because of how much I consume in a day. I also opt for a fortified version with the addition of vitamins A and D.

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A food that I eat every single day is actually cinnamon. Not only is it loaded with antioxidants, but it has anti-inflammatory properties and has also been shown to improve insulin sensitivity. This is extremely beneficial to someone focused on building muscle and staying lean in the process.

Greek yogurt is another staple of my diet, having it at lunch every single day. Not only is it high in protein, calcium and vitamins – greek yogurt is know to improve gut health thanks to the presence of probiotics. While rich in protein, some will boast that greek yogurt contains all essential amino acids, but the way I make those proteins complete is by adding some chia or pumpkin seeds to it. This helps to boost the muscle building properties of the food itself.

I have gone on record stating that I have a perpetual sweet tooth, but there is a way that I keep it in check; I eat frozen yogurt every day. In order to keep on a diet to build muscle and stay lean, avoiding high calorie, high fat sugary sweets, I indulge in a low calorie dessert that I think tastes delicious. I think it is important to be able to find options that can curb your sweet tooth, as long as it isn't compromising your goals.

Something you will find on my plate every single day is a lean protein. When it comes to building muscle and having a six pack, protein is going to be one of the most important parts of your diet and it is certainly something that I will never overlook. I opt for chicken, fish, and lean red meat to satiate my protein needs with each meal have 30-50 grams of protein per serving. Not only that, but they can be prepared in so many ways to make sure you enjoy your meal every single time.

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One food that I eat every single day and that I likely couldn't live without is pasta. I am a big believer that carbohydrates are staple for any muscle building nutrition plan that has any sort of longevity to it. I truly think that deprivation based diets are destined to fail where a healthy eating plan has you indulge responsibly. Pasta not only tastes good, but is a great glycogen replenisher to support hard training. So, if I can recommend that you eat pasta, I would say go for it, just don't overdo it because it can definitely lead to weight gain if you don't pay attention to how much you are eating.

Cruciferous vegetables are an important inclusion in my daily eating plan with quite a few benefits. Not only do they contain sulforaphane which cancels out free radicals to help prevent early aging, but they are also shown to decrease myostatin activity to unlock new muscle growth. Add in their powerful anti-inflammatory properties and you will see just why I make sure to include these vegetables in my daily diet plan.

Be sure to watch the rest of the video to see the other foods I eat every single day and why I include them in my diet plan to build muscle and stay lean.

If you are looking for a day-by-day meal plan to go along with your workouts, they are included with every workout program I designed that can be found at the ATHLEAN-X website via the link below.

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    1. Hey Jeff, I’m sure you have heard of him but how do you feel about CarnivoreMD dietary ideas? He is so absolute about vegetables being bad for you. Any thoughts? You two should do a video and a podcast together. Make America fit again!

    2. You eat a ton of inflammatory foods. Egg whites? Milk? I agree with the Chicken, Fish, & Beef for protein. I agree with Blueberries, but Pasta? Eating pasta everyday gave me a severe fatty liver. Cutting out rice, pasta, bread, & white potatoes helped me lose 150lbs.

  2. “There are three things you should spend money on without question. A good bed, good shoes, and good food. You spend a third of your life in a bed, a third of your life in your shoes, and the food that goes in your body determines how you feel every minute of the day.” -Pops, circa 1990.

    1. Bed only used for two things shoes a dime a dozen as long as you have a microwave and mcyds work out six to seven days aweek

  3. Protein
    0:50 Egg Whites (24g Protein)
    4:45 Greek Yogurt (15-25g Protein)
    6:10 Lean Protein: Chicken, Fish, Meat (30-50g Protein per Serving)
    14:20 Edamame (17g Protein, Full 9 Essential Amino Acids)

    Starchy Carb
    1:30 Oatmeal (0 Sugar)
    6:55 Pasta (Glycogen Replenisher)
    12:35 Sweet Potatoes (Carotenoids)
    15:00 Canned Pumpkin (Carotenoids)

    Fibrous Carb
    8:05 Cruciferous Vegetables: Bok Choy, Brussels Sprouts, Cauliflower (Sulfurophane + Inhibit Myostatin)
    13:35 Asparagus (Skin Tightening)

    2:20 Skim Milk (Fortified Version for Vitamin A, D)
    9:05 Protein Shake (Whey & Vegan, 30g Protein)

    3:35 Cinnamon (Ceylon, Blood Sugar Stabilization)
    10:15 Blueberries (Recovery)
    11:30 Jeff’s nuts
    11:35 Walnuts (Omega 3, Healthy Fat)
    15:50 Ginger (Blood Sugar Stabilization, Decrease Soreness)

    5:25 Frozen Yogurt
    16:35 Whipped Cream

    1. This misses the point… The point of the video is his explanation along with him providing these meals. Its not a “what i eat in a day” its WHY i eat this in a day. Wrong type of video for this comment.

    2. @Sonny Darvish
      This is not low fat diet
      You eat healthy fat in moderation, since it’s caloric dense food.
      Don’t forget the fat in olive oil and skin/fat in lean protein.

    3. @H M My comment is meant to be a timestamp summary, did I ever say it is a replacement for the video?

    4. @maximusX45_1911 Did you not watch the video?
      5:08 “not all of them are in adequate levels”

      That’s why people who choose plant based protein gotta worry about combining food to match adequate levels for 9 amino acids, you don’t need to do this if you consume animal protein.
      watch this video: “Protein AMOUNT or Protein TYPE – Build More Muscle With this Answer! – athleanx”

  4. I can’t believe Jeff looks almost half his age because of sweet potatoes. Now all sweet potato manufacturers owe this man a couple thousand for the increase of sales coming up

    1. @Leester That was pretty funny. For a kid you have a good sense of humor. Don’t loose it when you grow up.

    2. @Leester
      Defining “almost” is up to the OP, I’m just here correcting you since you forgot that word.

      Keep disrespecting other people’s opinions and think you’re right kid, that’s the only thing you’re good at.

  5. Thanks for sharing this with us. This is a great list of ideas I can use to mix my daily menu up a bit (and a tasty-looking list of ideas, if I do say so myself).

  6. As always, great information. Would like to see a video about what Jessie’s diet looks like now that he has further along in his body transformation.

  7. I had a basic version of this applied a year before I decided to exercise. (calisthenics) and found the A-X channel. ( You rock Jeff.)
    I still eat the same. simple, cheap.
    – 3 eggs,
    – 2 fruit (1 Apple, 1 Banana),
    – Oats,
    – Whole wheat pasta,
    – 5 cups of mixed veggies. ( washing and shaving and cutting veggies all the time as I am worried about pesticides.) those vegetables. 1 carrot shaved, 4-5 radish shaved, a handful of Brussels sprouts, and a handful of green beans.
    – 2 pieces of fish. ( haddock, sole, and cod.)
    _10 garlic cloves. (cooked)

    No sugar, coffee black or with milk or cream, or water.

    I ate kale twice a day, and each meal I mean lettuce rots so fast kale is hardy, I would just splash some vinegar on it, no salt or oil, and throw my eggs over that. or pasta But the lonely country store out here for whatever reason have not had it in a month, and my veg count is down.
    Also, whole wheat pasta just doubled in price. I weep.

    Ate that for a year, and found this channel, Learned how to look at injury and uncomfortableness. enjoyed the comradery of team skinny dudes trying to put work in and dealing with where we lack. Jeff’s’s good upbringing even shows through. I will always appriaciate this channel. NOW that said I must go shovel my driveway my least favorite exercise. lol

  8. I’ve been wondering, the exercise tracker on each program is great but some exercises are done pretty rarely and it would be nice for the tracker to carry over across all programs so we don’t have to guess what weight to use. Any chance you would consider updating the programming so that we can see our progress throughout all programs as we continue to knock them out?

  9. Great video as always and being consistent with your approach of explaining the why’s, not just the what’s.
    One observation is the time you train and it is obvious that it suits your schedule. However, have you looked into how this might affect your circadian rhythm? as it is something you do everyday?
    Thanks for all you do for the wider community

    1. @Firmament no, pretty sure machines just crack the eggs and separate them, then they get pasteurized.

    2. @Firmament Sieving seems like a simple enough solution because the eggwhites and the yolk have a different consistency. Though, even if an additive is used, so what? Everything is chemicals.

  10. I eat practically most things on Jeff’s list, so I’ve been doing something right…and it does work incorporating these foods into your diet throughout the week….

  11. It would be interesting to know what things we can add to vegetables and/or meat to make them more palatable but not be bad for you. I struggle eating vegetables plain.

    1. Olive oil, ghee, macadamia oil, soy sauce/tamari, herbs (basil, oregano, parsley, thyme, etc.), spices (ginger, pepper, paprika, cayenne pepper, fennel, cumin, etc.), brown rice syrup, pure maple syrup, plain yoghurt, salt varieties (Himalayan, black salt, river salt, etc.), butter, carob syrup, mustard, molasses, asafoetida, garlic, onion, lemon, lime, nut butters, coconut cream, cheeses, apple cider vinegar, balsamic vinegar, coconut nectar…

      Really… Take your pick…

    2. Look up Chinese stir fry recipes. Stir fry a bunch of veggies with nuts and meat and seasonings you’d get at an Asian grocery store.

    3. Because we arnt made to consume them, hense why they taste terrible until cooked and seasoned. It’s not natural

  12. This is great, Jeff. As someone who just lost a lot of weight by changing how I eat for good (not a diet!) I recognize a lot of these foods and have enjoyed them myself. And this Italian guy from NY with a sweet tooth also loves sweet potatoes.!

    One follow up that would be FANTASTIC would be some recipes. Identifying the ingredients is one thing but sometimes you just need some inspiration for changing it up! I’m stuck in a smoothie rut right now, for instance.

    Keep it up and thank you. (Oh, and you can DEFINITELY tell when I have eaten asparagus)

  13. The oatmeal for me was a gamechanger. Great pre workout meal, keeps your energy up and feeling satiated all workout. Also helped get my fiber in.

    1. How much oatmeal do you all eat each morning? I do a half cup of Quaker Oats with two spoonfuls of walnuts and 2 teaspoons of Splenda.

  14. Thank You @Nom Nom


    0:50 Egg Whites (24g)

    4:45 Greek Yogurt (15-25g)

    6:10 Lean Protein: Chicken, Fish, Meat (30-50g)

    14:20 Edamame (17g, Full 9 Essential Amino Acids)

    Starchy Carbs:

    1:30 Oatmeal (0 Sugar)

    6:55 Pasta (Glycogen Replenisher)

    12:35 Sweet Potatoes (Carotenoids)

    15:00 Canned Pumpkin (Carotenoids)

    Fibrous Carbs:

    8:05 Cruciferous Vegetables: Bok Choy, Brussels Sprouts, Cauliflower (Sulfurophane + Inhibit Myostatin)

    13:35 Asparagus (Skin Tightening)


    2:20 Skim Milk (Fortified Version)

    9:05 Protein Shake (Whey & Vegan)


    3:35 Cinnamon (Ceylon, Blood Sugar Stabilization)

    10:15 Blueberries (Recovery)

    11:30 Jeff’s nuts

    11:35 Walnuts (Omega 3, Healthy Fat)

    15:50 Ginger (Blood Sugar Stabilization, Decrease Soreness)


    5:25 Frozen Yogurt

    16:35 Whipped Cream

  15. If anyone has been struggling to get a lot of these, here is an overnight oats recipe that covers a lot of the ingredients in this video:
    70g oats
    210g milk (I use full fat)
    10g Chia seeds
    ~2g cinnamon
    ~15g honey
    Mix it all up, leave in the fridge overnight
    Serve with Greek yogurt and blue berries on top. Tastes amazing as well.

  16. Questions for the the ASK JEFF Category. How do OR what do you suggest for when you have a bad night of sleep but have a big AX workout planned for the next day? Do you adjust it or skip it for active rest? I’ve found if I do the workout I feel more wired and tired from the cortisol and adrenaline released during the workout, and it affects my sleep again. How does Jeff address this? Thank You!

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