Every single month we pick 1 fitness transformation winner from our 2.0 Built With Science programs. Not just someone whose experienced a great body transformation, but someone who embodies the spirit of resilience and determination.

Typically, the winner gets a one-on-one call with me, $1,000 cash, supplements, and more. But after hearing the story behind this month’s winner, Sean, I knew I had to do more.

I felt a personal obligation to share his story with the world and to let him know in person just how damn proud I am of him.

So I got in contact with his best friend who secretly helped me plan a surprise visit at his door.

Sean's story will show you first-hand the power of simply focusing on yourself and overcoming all the BS excuses you tell yourself as to why “you can’t” do something.

He'll also show you the power of focusing on your fitness. His 1 year fat loss transformation was incredible, but it was the momentum it created in his life that truly made all the difference.

I'm beyond proud of him and I'm honored to be able to tell his story.

Start your journey today and join our new 2.0 Built With Science programs here:

Braeden Ethier

Sean's Instagram:

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19 thoughts on “Drug Addict Incredible 1 Year Transformation”
  1. You’re a legend Mr Ethier. It’s clear you put your all into the world. Respect.

    I’ve been using your posture exercises for over 4 years now, and it’s saved my back and life. Much love!

  2. Jeremy has such a nice humble attitude, most fitness influencers tend to be fake, loud, trying to be energetic all the time, when they come off as obnoxious (lean beef patty been one of the few exceptions). Love your work man, never change ❤

  3. Very cool Jeremy! I get a lot out of all your videos, this one just became my all time favorite! … Congrats to Sean. Your story of victory is very inspiring and made my eyes sweat for sure.

  4. I LOVE this story!! As a mom and grandmother I say Congratulations Sean! Your testimony will help others! God Bless!

  5. This is incredibly inspiring, what a change holy sh*t. I signed up to Jeremy’s beginner shred program a while back but I haven’t started yet. My motivation has been at an all time low and I’m not in the best place right now, but this gives me hope ❤

    1. @Sean O’Brien thanks for the support Sean!!! I am going to do it, I will update this comment in 1 year

  6. Congratulations! You’re awesome and you’re lucky to have such an awesome friend. Thank you Jerimy for sharing ❤️

  7. Nicely done Jeremy. You and your team found a way to go to a new level, new layer of substance. Not only macros and based science information, but the IMPACT that can have on real people’s lifes. Respect brother !

  8. Great inspirational and motivational story! Thanks Jeremy & Sean!
    I sobered up 7+ years ago, survived colorectal cancer (2 surgeries and chemo) and now I’ve been working out 3x a week for almost 2 years. I feel alive and healthy now!

  9. truly inspirational… going through some stuff and not liking myself a ton so this is some nice motivation

  10. Inspirational – thank you for sharing your story Sean, keep on pushing, don’t look back. Thank you for giving me the biggest smile today and the drive to push harder.

  11. If only we all could have friends like Sarah. Heart warming and inspirational. Good work Sean, very motivational. Nobody but you knows how much work you’ve put into it. Keep it up, stay strong and God bless you. Thank you for your channel Jeremy.

  12. So inspiring ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤!!!! I identify with Sean so much. Beautiful story ❤

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