How to Get Big Arms With Only Dumbbells!

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63 thoughts on “How to Get Big Arms With Only Dumbbells!

  1. Eugene K says:

    0:51 Alternating DB curls
    1:19 Hammer curls
    1:37 Zottman curls
    2:15 Normal biceps curls
    2:23 One arm hammer curls
    2:33 Seated concentrated curls
    2:48 Seated DB curls
    3:04 Triceps kickbacks
    3:28 One arm triceps extension
    3:47 Skullcrushers
    4:27 Narrow pushups

    • Review Channel says:

      @RNGNodal As I can see,you’re not gonna go to the gym… So I’d suggest you to try Calisthenics and not touch dumbells or any equipment like that at all. You’ll need a bar though. The are many Calisthenics youtube videos and channels you can check out. Good luck!

    • Review Channel says:

      @RNGNodal and also,you’ll have to calculate how many calories you need to take a day and how much you’re burning with your workout so that you’re not losing or taking extra weight. Also,try to consume as much protein as you can from the food you’re eating. For example,if you’re having chicken with fried potatoes at home,put less potatoes in your plate,but more chicken. That way the amount of calories you’ll take in will be pretty much the same as your normal portion would give you,but you’ll also take more protein. Have a nice start!

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