How to Carve a Gymnast's Ripped Back with Pull-Ups


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By Chris Wright

Chris has spent many years working and teaching in the IT field. He enjoys spending time outdoors and learning about new topics. He likes playing golf, spending time at the beach and working on classic cars and woodworking projects.

31 thoughts on “Why people don’t Build Muscle with Bodyweight Exercise”
  1. What’s your opinion on using weighted calisthenics for hitting 5-15 reps vs using a mind to muscle connection for getting 5-15 reps ?
    On another note, is it possible to get to advanced bodyweight movements (planche, oap, front lever) by using the mind to muscle connection training method?

  2. Well, since i started to do bodyweight training, i read and watched alot of stuff about it. Lately i read CC, Paul Wades book about gaining muscle with bodyweigt training and to be honest, when i watch guys like Al Kavadlo and his brother i’m wondering why they don’t build huge muscles? I mean Al is a very strong guy and can preform awsome stuff but he dosn’t look very muscular.
    Sure, genetics are a big point but, like Al, there are a lot of guy who do bodyweight training and they are not realy jacked. They look more athletic, then a like a bodybuilder.
    Then only guys i saw, who said they train only BW and looked huge are guys who seem to take steroids, to be honest.

    So from my part, i just do my training, take what i get in part of gaining and be happy with it. But i don’t expect to much in case of growing muscle. I think when you take a look at popular persons who well known for bodyweight training, like Mark Lauren, Al Kavadlo and his brother, you see more or less how far you will come after some years of training.
    Not so much muscle but huge strengths. I think, for a realy bodybuilding look, you have to train with weights.

    1. +Joshua Bush excellent points. It’s hard to get out of the mindset of what we’ve been brainwashed to believe as to what strong looks like. If you let go of the ego and stop to think why in the hell am I working out 3/4/5 days a week it should always come down to I want to live a long life. At the end of the day I want longevity to live and play with grandkids. Not be sidelined in a corner with fucked up rotator cuffs, a slipped disc and arthritis. That is why I chose this path it just makes sense.

    2. +510Casper yeah exactly! it’s completely beyond me to want to get absolutely massive and take a load of supplements and eat junk just for aesthetics, I would choose a healthy lean ripped body any day.. not to mention with much better flexibility probably overall strength to weight ratio

    3. Eddie Gonzalez -Do you vary your intensity since you do pullups, pushups, and dips everyday? I do them every other day. Do you need to get used to doing them everyday? Thanks.

  3. to get more muscle mass with bodyweight exercises and to increase the force weve got to increase the load via extra weight and high volume of concentrated work and/ or via increasing the moments on the body (its the gymnastic style progression ,although at the beginning the tendons are the major absorbers -achtung /carefull-danger) .Also in many exercises is wise not to perform full reps but work statically or in the effective range of motion only .

    1. this is correct either use progressive overload on body weight exercises or slow the tempo of reps to in crease time under tension. some people will argue that a full rep with full range of motion is needed but others say as long as you feel a peak contraction that’s enough range of motion for a rep

  4. I actually wonder why gymnasts do look bulkier than the well-known BWE heros out there – maybe those gymnasts are on roids!? Otherwise, there must be something to default gymnastics training that differs from what the (P)CCs teach us. Or maybe it’s related to those gymnasts starting at a very early age in life.

    1. +Christine Slotty 1)they train from early childhood so they are accustomed to huge volume of training. 2) only those with great genetics look very impressive. 3) roids. 4) most popular BW movements are not even a warmup for them, they have insane upper body strength than would humiliate any street workout guy.

    2. Gymnasts have incredible strength. Example guys that do the rings and exercises like the Iron cross. To have the strength to do that you would need do multiple one arm chin ups. Not to mention they do such powerful Isometric holds and hold them positions for long periods. Time under tension corresponds with muscle growth. So a guy who can hold an Iron cross as incredible strength that’s why these are are so dense. Unless high volume training.

  5. ı m not look like bodybuilder. ı dont want massive legs.or massive arms. because massive is obstacle. but if you want to be strong, flexiblety also stamina bodyweight exercise are the best. if you want challenge you always add weights your exercises.

    1. M.R VENOM never add weights, use what God has given you, ur body, instead of adding weights add more reps, which means will get more stamina and cuts

  6. Good advice on “working hard working smart balance”… and the benefits that yield. This point always seems to fade when bombarded with so much info within the fitness industry.

  7. I did gym for 6 months gained little mass been doing body weight training since December my body fat is 13% from 17% and my muscles have improved in size and definition

  8. My actual name is shivam my age is 15 years old and I want to build muscle and strength so please post a workout according to my level which takes25 minutes

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