How To Gain Muscle With A Skinny Fat Physique

In order to attain a shredded physique, you will need to reach adequate levels of muscle mass and a low enough body fat % for definition to shine through. A calorie deficit is the magic that makes weight loss possible.

Think of your body as a bank for energy – if you don't put any calories in the bank, then the bank will come after it's money, your body does this by then breaking down cells, either adipose tissue (fat) or muscle and then converts the cells into energy.

Ultimately we have two main options when trying to reach under 10% body fat, either Shred down body fat to hopefully reveal what muscle mass is underneath or the Lean Bulk up muscle mass and improve your body composition by adding muscle to your frame

So what’s the better option? Well let’s say you were to cut down body fat, the likelihood that you will greatly alter your body is quite low. And the reason comes down to you simply not having enough muscle mass to begin with. Trust I made this mistake in the beginning and wasted a lot of time.

This is why you can get to very low body fat % levels and still not be able to see a whole lot of definition – YOU need the muscle mass first! 9 times out of 10 the right option to fix the skinny fat physique is to go with the Lean Bulking route.

Understand it comes down to a lot more than just having low body fat % levels – and that extra layer of fat you have that’s “covering your abs” in reality may not be covering a whole lot.

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17 thoughts on “How To Gain Muscle With A Skinny Fat Physique

  1. Dylan S says:

    I don’t go to the gym, so all my muscle gains and posture improvement are indebted to your amazing home workout vids which we all love! Thank you bruh!

  2. Mark Willmore Fitness says:

    If you are at the beginning , you have this advantage. You’re at the beginning, and your body composition will change a lot (burning fat and building muscle at the same time). I would suggest to train a lot and eat like 15% more of your maintenance caloric intake if you’re a skinny fat.

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