If you want to learn how to lose fat then you are going to have to possibly re-learn how to eat carbs. Let’s face it, you have likely been told that eating carbohydrates is making you fat. While there may be some truth to the rumor, it is only because you have been eating them excess. That said, there are some built-in pitfalls that make including carbs in our diets something that we have to be mindful of, however I am going to show you what those are and how to work around them in this video.

The key to fat burning is that you need to be in a hypocaloric state. Due to the tendency we have of overeating carbs there is some logic to the fact that by eliminating them from our diets we will consume fewer calories overall. That said, the replacement of the carbs has to come from somewhere. In the case of keto diets it comes in the form of fats and proteins, mostly from dietary fats.

The issue with this approach is that the macronutrient we are replacing them with is twice as calorie dense as the carbohydrates themselves.

Not to mention, it is often the case that the method we use to lose fat and drop weight in the first place is the one we are going to have to continue to use if we want to see long term permanent changes. It is here that I find the keto diet approach difficult to sustain.

So, instead of looking to exclude carbohydrates from your meal plan you need to learn to coexist with them.

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That doesn’t mean that there aren’t pitfalls that we need to be mindful of however. First there is no denying the fact that carbs taste better and create more cravings than say isolated proteins or fats. It is likely due to the fact that our brains are hard wired to seek out sugars and glucose to fuel its function. Beyond that however is the additional information that carbs are not nearly as satiating as fats or proteins.

So there are definite reasons for why many people are trying to reduce them or even eliminate them from their diets these days but again, I do not believe this sets you up best for long term success. Any diet plan that is deprivation based, while it may help you to lose fat in the short term is not going to be something you can stick with forever.

In general, there are three main categories; simple sugars, complex starches and fibers. Eating carbohydrates from the fibrous carb category will have the least pronounced negative impact on rapidly raising your blood sugar levels and resultant insulin spikes.

The additional fiber present in these foods not only blunts this effect but also makes them more “bulky” food options. Add in the healthy nutrient boost these foods provide with them with plenty of vitamins and minerals and it is easy to see why the majority of the carbs you eat when you are trying to lose fat should come from here.

The simple sugars are the nutrient low carbs that are worth eliminating from your diet if you want to be ripped and lean year round. It is here that many will reach for these types of foods when enjoying a cheat meal or day. It is here however that if you delve too often, you will find frustration in not being able to achieve the body fat levels you are after.

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The starchy carbs are the ones we perceive as generally “healthier” but can still present hardship if we overeat them. These are the oats, grains, pastas, breads, etc. This is the area that I believe we need to learn how to include in our meal plans and put to work fueling our bodies and muscles if we want to see the best results not to mention long term sustainability.

Beyond the identification of the types of carbs however we need to employ additional strategies to keep them helping us and not hurting our fat loss efforts. Learn the composition of the carbohydrates you are eating. Aim for carbs that provide no more than 10-20 percent of their total carbs from sugars. This information is easily available online.

Watch the video I have on dividing your plate for success and entertain the idea of a low fat diet as an alternative to low carb eating for a more sustainable plan.

And lastly, don’t forget to train with weights to compliment your diet to lose fat. Building lean muscle is always going to help you in your efforts to lose body fat. The more lean muscle you have the more storage capacity you have for blood glucose in the form of muscle glycogen.

The bottom line is, if you are looking for how to lose fat and want a step by step plan for getting it done permanently, you need a complete plan with workouts and meal plans laid out for you day by day. Those are all available for you at athleanx.com via the link below.

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88 thoughts on “How to Lose Fat (EAT CARBS!)”
    1. not impossible but it doesn’t work on everyone. that’s what makes the whole argument bullshit.
      my digestible system does not properly digest vegetables. many of them don’t digest at all.

      which makes grains the only source of fiber. well, grains get me fat. the heaviest i got with grains was 275lb. since i cut out most of the grains i’ve lost 45lb.

      Also, keto save my liver. I had NAFL disease.

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    1. Grains, rice and pasta is some of the worst junk you can put into your body.
      The fact that Jeff calls it healthy is enough to know NEVER to take food advice from him.
      Maybe just stick to what you know??

    2. losing fat by eating carbs not impossible but it doesn’t work on everyone. that’s what makes the whole argument bullshit.
      my digestible system does not properly digest vegetables. many of them don’t digest at all.

      which makes grains the only source of fiber. well, grains get me fat. the heaviest i got with grains was 275lb. since i cut out most of the grains i’ve lost 45lb.

      Also, keto save my liver. I had NAFL disease.

  2. Greetings from Slovakia. Jeff, as many other people around the world I really admire you. I´ve been watching your videos since 2011 and I wish one day I will look so good like you. On your appeal to let you know which topics we want you to cover here are my suggestions:
    1. Can you do a video especially on type I and type II muscle fibres? How to focus on them, their ratio in each body parts, etc.
    2. Thank to your advice we know that the leg extensions are a bad exercise. What is your opinion on legpress or hack squats? Are they a bad options, especially because of the pressure on spine?
    3. In a 2015 video Quick shoulder mobility drill you used a resistance band and during this drill your arms were travelling behind your body almost to your glutes. Isn´t it a risky position for shoulders?
    4. Hamstring stretch: anterior pelvic tilt vs. butt wink
    5. Joint nutrition (glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM): real effects, benefits, dosing.
    6. Tribulus, glutamine, carnitine. Do they really have some benefits or are they just waste of money?
    7. Pros and contras of drinking plain water (chlorine, minerals)?
    8. You showed us how to take dumbbells prior to doing flat benchpress. But what is the safest way for taking them before doing benchpress on negative bench with head down and then put them back on ground?
    9. What is the best shoe option for wearing in the gym: sneakers, powerlifting shoes, bare foot?
    10. We already know how to sleep in the right way. But what body position do you prefer while watching TV?
    And last, but not least: Is there any way to get your autograph? Seriously. (And maybe Jesse´s as well.)

    1. SUPRISE! I am the funniest YTer evah!!!! Just kidding, it was no surprise. Everybody knew already. HAHAHHAHA!!!! That was an amazing joke (it was real talk though). WAWAWAWAWA!!!! Good afternoon, dear daniel

  3. Wife: he’s probably thinking about other women
    Jeff: I carried the shopping bag with my right arm, now I need to go back and buy some stuff and carry it with my left arm to avoid muscle imbalance

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