Get a “Flat Stomach” in 22 Days! (HOME WORKOUT)

If you want to get a flat stomach at home and are not sure what home workout to do, give this one a try. This workout is designed to do two things in just 22 days. The first is help you to develop a stronger core by training the deep muscles of the abs the way they should be. It doesn’t matter if you have to lose fat right now or are incredibly lean, if you have a belly that sticks out and want to get a flat stomach, this will push you in the right direction.

The next most important element however is that research has shown that 22 days is the time period within one must stay consistent with something in order to turn it into a habit. If you can stick to this step by step home ab workout for a flat stomach just three weeks, you will start to see changes to your lifestyle and your approach to working out that could stick with you for the rest of your life.

It is this element that makes this a plan that even someone that is at a much higher body fat percentage, something that they will want to invest the time in doing. While the six pack abs or completely flat belly may not be completely possible by the time this is over in just 22 days, it is the habits that will be formed that could carry over and be the true game changer.

That said, do be sure that while you are committing to putting in the effort on this home workout that you don’t undervalue the role of nutrition to getting to where you want to be. I’ve said so many times that the most important element of getting ripped is having a good nutrition plan. You simply cannot out train a bad diet. You need to eat healthy, while still enjoying the foods that you eat, if you want to get your body fat levels down low enough to see your abs and have a flat stomach

The good news is that your body fat levels do not have to be nearly as low as you may have thought to start to see a flattening of the midsection. This is because the muscles of the transverse abdominis and pelvic floor are almost universally weak in everyone and can benefit from the activation that will come over the next 3 weeks with this home workout plan. Once you gain control of these core muscles you will see that the waistline will become much tighter even at rest.

That said, here is how this step by step plan is laid out to help you get a flatter stomach.

There are three phases of 7 days in this 22 day plan for a flat lower belly. Each one will take you through a different posture with the goal being to learn to contract and hold the pelvic floor and TA muscles at the same time. In the initial week you won’t even be doing any moving during the exercises for a flat stomach, you will just be holding the contractions mindfully focusing on activating the muscles of your deep core that are currently weak or dormant.

The exercises in this first week are as follows:

Static Supine TA Hold – 10 reps x 20 seconds (3 times per day)
Static Hollow TA Hold – 10 reps x 20 seconds (3 times per day)
Static V-Sit TA Hold – 10 reps x 20 seconds (3 times per day)
Static Plank TA Hold – 10 reps x 20 seconds (3 times per day)
Static Elevated Plank TA Hold – 10 reps x 20 seconds (3 times per day)
Static Kneeling TA Hold – 10 reps x 20 seconds (3 times per day)
Static Standing TA Hold – 10 reps x 20 seconds (3 times per day)

The next phase takes place from day 8 to day 14. Here we introduce some dynamic movement to the equation to ensure that you now not only can contract these muscles but can do so with additional challenge to the core muscles.

The exercises for this week are as follows:

Supine Flutters – 20 reps x 10 seconds (3 times per day)
Hollow Rocks – 20 reps x 10 seconds (3 times per day)
V-Sit Drifts – 20 reps x 10 seconds (3 times per day)
Plank Step Outs – 20 reps x 10 seconds (3 times per day)
Knee Drives – 20 reps x 10 seconds (3 times per day)
Kneeling Walkouts – 20 reps x 10 seconds (3 times per day)
Standing Walkouts – 20 reps x 10 seconds (3 times per day)

The final seven days of this workout to get a flat stomach, the reps on the static exercises will be cut down to 10 and the dynamic moves will be performed for just 5 reps but increased in time to 20 seconds.

This is a killer but it is a home workout for a flat stomach that everyone can do, regardless of what body fat level or ability level you are at right now. If you are looking for a complete bodyweight workout program that doesn’t require any equipment at all, be sure to head to and check out the ATHLEAN XERO program. No bands, benches, bars or weights are needed to build a ripped athletic body.

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  2. odysyr says:

    Homie luring me in with the abs that I want, but keeping me here with the lower back stability I really need.

  3. Churchill Wang says:

    In the case of an emergency airbag deployment, Jeff braces himself by maintaining body symmetry in an attempt to avoid any INJURY IMBALANCE prior to a car accident

  4. Batuhan dağlı says:

    Bob and Brad say that the V sit is very bad for your back, especially when coupled with rotation. I’d like to see Jeff’s take on this

    • Consu The Best says:

      I think V-sits are a next level exercise. Begginers or weak abs people should not do them.

      Bob&Brad (who I also sometimes watch) are for normal people which daily life style is sleep-work-TV-eat-repeat. They say “sit ups and V-sits put a lot of stress on the lower back” and that’s what is said about knees in squats, too. Their audience is mainly people with bad posture problems. Of course v-sits are dangerous for them! Plus, Jeff said in a “recent” video about beginners mistakes, first correct posture then train.

      In the other hand, Jeff is for people committed to exercise. He said more than once the importance to strengthen lower back and glutes. And also how to always engage abs.

      Bob&Brad mentioned (as Jeff did) if abs are contracted/engaged, as result, lower back is relaxed, since they are opposite muscles.

      Then, if we truly follow Jeff’s advices, v-sits and sit ups are ok.

      As always, we have to listen our body. If it hurts, stop, it’s wrong, don’t do.

    • c0rmagg says:

      @Consu The Best but also, this video of Jeff’s is speaking to the average person. The average person is eat sleep job tv, and it just so happens that most of them are unfit and have a bigger stomach. Jeff’s sample pic of a big stomach person was also someone with a beer belly – but he did make the distinction that this type of person should expect 220 days for a flatter stomach lol.

      But yes, I agree, the v sit and rotations are definitely an advanced level exercise, but even so, they are also still harmful for the annular fibers of the intervertebral discs and may result in hernias because flexion, rotation, and lateral flexion are all movements that results in leaky discs aka hernias and thus, back pain ensues.

      Jeff is doing a good job at teaching people how to make sure they really engage their core and build up to the movements in order to reduce the harm, but it definitely is not the best to do without constant checking in and making sure the person is actually activating the core as they should cause one video definitely does not create the level of understanding that is necessary. But people gonna do whatever they gonna do and they will find one movement or another that will cause themselves harm lol.

    • Consu The Best says:

      @c0rmagg I think average people watch Jeff, but do nothing, not even this one. You know, they’re here just for the fun in the comment section and for, dunno, learning but not applying, or just appreciating Jeff physique.

      Or they lack consistency, they begin, and sadly they don’t even reach day 3. So, mostly “trained” people would do it.

      I agree, though, a lil’ warning in the v-sit would be nice. Specially for those with lower back pain/injuries.

  5. Pratyush Shahir says:

    When scientists tested how long Jeff could hold his legs an inch above the ground, they discovered infinity

  6. Abhishek Pareek says:

    3:30 – Day 0
    4:56 – Day 1
    5:12 – Day 2
    5:35 – Day 3
    5:48 – Day 4
    6:12 – Day 5
    6:28 – Day 6
    6:45 – Day 7
    7:18 – Day 8
    7:45 – Day 9
    8:03 – Day 10
    8:16 – Day 11
    8:36 – Day 12
    8:51 – Day 13
    9:04 – Day 14
    9:25 – Last week

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