ABSOLUTE BEST Science-Based BICEPS Workout

Ready for an intense science-based biceps workout?
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I thought it would be fun to change it up and give a workout based on peer reviewed clinical research because arm day isn't as simple as curling weight up and down violently… or is it.

26 thoughts on “ABSOLUTE BEST Science-Based BICEPS Workout

  1. Wallaby Inertia says:

    Well I’ve been on this earth for a bit, but never knew about that spine penis thing. You learn something new every day.

  2. Chris Ryan says:

    Moreso than any other fitness channel, making the changes you recommend really gets my muscles to grow/break plateaus. Thanks!

    • MAGA MAN says:

      I started with his 20 rep sets. Made a huge improvement for my arms. Last week I changed it up by making all my set drop sets of 20 reps (or as close as I could get). I’ll let you know how it worked when I can move my arms again. I expect that will be some time next month.

    • Sooner Born says:

      @MAGA MAN Same. I always fell into the trap of “high reps are for endurance, not growth”. I still do some lower rep range work, but I mostly aim for right around 20 reps ever since discovering this channel.

  3. Jay Jones says:

    It’s so science based, he didn’t put the sets and reps in the description. Mind blown. LOL

    • Henry Tims says:

      Because he believes everyone is different. He said he doesn’t want you to try and mimic the sets and reps he does, because he thinks it’s better for you to personally drive yourself beyond what he does

  4. Gibran Camus says:

    1:10 gonna drop the sets and reps here since they’re not in the description.

    1. Train until you fucking puke.
    2. Feed.
    3. Rest and repeat.
    4. Do this daily until you die.

    You’re welcome.

  5. CorvetteZ06owner says:

    I ❤️ this channel. The content is on point and the narration keeps me interested.

  6. Odin’s Black Son says:

    Typically, the science behind science-based workouts are related to the workout, but Ryan isn’t typical, which is why I subscribed to his channel almost immediately.

  7. Harish Vk says:

    I lost it when he said he wanted to physically assault his teacher.

    I could relate yo it at multiple levels for multiple subjects taught by my teachers!

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