Can you build a big chest with push ups? Yes, you can. In this video, I’m going to share with you how you can build a massive chest by using push ups only. First, we’ll do a test to determine your current push up level, then we’ll go through how to pick the right push up variations based on that, and then complete your push up workout with 2 key exercises to speed up your gains. By the end, you’ll not only know how to build your chest muscles (fast) using just push ups, but also have a personalized weekly push-ups routine.

Step 1 of building your push up workout: assess your current push up level. First, warm-up. If you’re able to do push-ups, this is where you’ll want to do a few sets of 2-3 push-ups to get your body warmed up. Too difficult for a warm-up? You can do wall push-ups instead. After your warm-up, rest for about 2-3 minutes before the push-up test. When you’re ready, do as many push-ups as you can. Note down how many you get and see which level you fall under. Level 1 is if you got between 1-10 push-ups. Level 2 is if you got between 11-30 push-ups. Level 3 is if you got more than 30 push-ups

Step 2 is learning the push up variations suitable for your level to use in day 1 of your routine. For those in the 1-10 group, we’ll use the incline push ups that will require you to lift less of your bodyweight, making it easier for you to do. Simply perform your push-ups on an elevated platform and use a height that allows you to do 3 sets of 6-8 reps. For those in the 11-30 group, take the number of push-ups you can do in a row and take 70% of that. For those in the 30+ group, you’re going to use a slightly harder variation called hand release pushups. We’ll aim for 3 sets of half the number of what your max push-ups in a row number was from step 1. To perform it, get into a normal push-up set up, slowly come all the way down until your chest is resting on the ground, take your hands off the ground, place them back, and then continue a normal push-up.

Let’s now proceed to day 2, your strength day, which will further help you build a massive chest by (still) only using push ups. For the 1-10 group, you’ll use a variation that’s focused on the “downward” portion of the pushup. We’ll do 5 sets of just 1 rep of this variation. For the 11-30 group, for strength you’re going to do the hand release push ups mentioned earlier. For the 30+ group, we’ll want to do a variation that makes you lift more weight than you would with normal push-ups. We’ll do 3 sets of 50% of your max number of push-ups. To perform it, start in a normal push-up position, but come down to one hand instead of straight down. This shifts more of your bodyweight to one arm to increase the difficulty. Push back up using that one hand and then switch to the other hand for the next rep.

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For day 3 all groups are going to do something called EMOM push-ups. To perform it, take 50% of your max pushups number. Then, using a timer, every minute for a total of 5 minutes you’re going to perform that number of push-ups.

Now it’s time to finish off your routine by adding 2 key movements that will speed up your push-up gains. When it comes to how to build your chest muscles (fast) using just push ups, this is ultimately key. The first is the shoulder tap, which will focus on strengthening these core muscles while integrating your shoulder, triceps, and chest muscles as well. The last exercise will add more volume to your routine while improving your push-ups power by focusing on the triceps. To perform it, you’ll do a standard push-up but with your hands placed closer together at about shoulder width apart. Based on your strength level, you can do these on an incline to make it easier or on a decline to make it more difficult. adjust the incline or decline of the movement based on your strength level like we did earlier with the standard push-up.

This routine is a lot of volume for your chest and triceps and should replace all of the chest and triceps exercises you’re currently doing. After starting the routine, every couple of weeks re-test how many push-ups you can do in a row. Once you graduate from one level, switch over your routine to the next level. Hopefully, at this point, you know clearly that you can definitely build a big chest with just push ups.

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43 thoughts on “How To Get A Massive Chest With Only Push-Ups (NO EQUIPMENT)”
    1. @LoliBear to a point, until you burn yourself out. Your body needs rest to build. If you continually do it too regularly, then you’ll plateau because your muscles won’t grow. There are plenty of videos of people doing exercises like pull up, push ups etc, every day for 100 days or whatever and they talk about the pros and cons.

    2. Jeremy can you make a video on maingaining approach of Greg Doucette if that interests you if it’s really optimal for beginners or your honest thoughts on it ?

  1. When gyms were closed during covid, push ups were my best friends. They definitely helped maintain size and definition

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  2. I’ve grown an INSANE chest (for 3 months training) with just push ups. And i started with knee push ups where i was barely able to do 10 at the beginning. Dont give up!
    Tyvm Jeremy I’ve learned and adapted a lot through you!

    1. @Corrupt System both for endurance and building muscles. I’ve started like over a month ago and I see gains. What I’m concerned about is if I’m doing it right. I mean some people are recommending to take a rest in between to allow the muscles to heal and regenerate. So I’m asking if I should reduce the routine to three days per week.
      What do you mean of 8-14 reps? I’m doing 40 reps in 5 sets=200 reps per day.
      I do the regular, diamond and declined form of push ups.

    2. @Robert Louise Baker-Hyde i mean you should find a way that you are not able to do more than 8 – 14 reps

    3. @Corrupt System I’m sorry I didn’t get it. You mean I will only do 8-14 reps in 5 sets?

    4. @Robert Louise Baker-Hyde i mean find a way that you can only do 8- 14 reps make the execrise more difficult

  3. I’ve already purchased your gym program but if you made a calisthenics workout with minimal equipment I would purchase that too

  4. As always … well done and a big thanks for this content <3
    But I have a question about the 3-Day Skill/Strenght/Endurance method.
    How does someone implement it as Routine, because we have more Muscle groups to train... Or do we train all Muscle Groups like: 1 Week Skill based, 1 Week Strength based and 1 Week Endurance based?

  5. Push ups for me during Covid not only increased strength but my size significantly. When gyms reopened, my first time doing bench again jumped by 35 pounds and couldn’t believe it. Don’t sleep on push-ups

    1. bench and pushups work the same muscles but pushups can be made harder without weight being added

    2. The hate they get is weird, like they’re just a god given version of bench press. The backup plan that always saves the day, this exercise never fails to come through.

    3. Yea you say that all that tells is your new and your bench sucked, i did push ups during the first lockdown and lost about 35 pounds on the bench and ended up with shoulder inpignment due to not having the things id normally use to train my rear delts properly. Push ups are fine just don´t think or act like they can actively help your bench unless ofc your bench already is trash.

  6. I trained normal push-up for about 10 months and was able to bench press 235 without ever going to a gym before then

  7. Best push-up variation that has grown my chest more than bench: feet elevated on 36” box using 12” paralette bars with a backpack filled with weights. The stretch with paralette bars is inssssane and the weighted backpack can let you hit failure very quickly.

  8. Pushups are a very effective morning routine for muscle definition, another great recommendation from Jeremy!

  9. I’ll have to give this routine a try, since I’ve been wanting to figure out a way to re-integrate push-ups into my exercises! As always, perfect timing, Jeremy!

  10. I’ve been training for just under a year now and I am so proud to say that I went from below level 1 to level 3.

  11. I have a question. How should my rest-time look like in the EMOM push-ups? I’m a level 2 btw. Thanks!

  12. Don’t do this if you actually want a massive chest. Just progressive overload on the bench press and add some accessories like flies or dumbbell incline and dips.

  13. Hi Jeremy,

    Got 20 in a row (level 2 ) ..

    Started with day 1 … Gonna update with every workout !!!!

    Did 3 sets of 14 .

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