Here's what i've learned from 10 years of working out and training. Do not make some of the same mistakes I made.
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  1. Big Manny Sr says:

    Again, Brother Bully with the enlightenment and education on how to maximize overall health and wellness gains. Thank you for sharing part of your story and testimony brother. God bless you, your wife, your children and family!

  2. Jarrod Jones says:

    Made me realize how much I have to focus more on my legs. I definitely don’t like doing them. My legs look good, but that doesn’t matter if I’m not training them. Appreciate this video brother.#GymOClock

  3. u2b user using u2b says:

    Thanks for the history and advice. Do you still do weight training or only calisthenics?

  4. cme bgv says:

    Hello Bully… I am new to your channel …well done! Thank you for taking your time to make these videos and share your personal insight. Your strength reminds me of some that were in and a part of the SSP. God bliss you.

  5. River Alvarez says:

    Thank you, it was very helpful video. Through time I learned that building muscle is slow process and that’s what I really don’t like about it. Also I didn’t have proper diet for so long. Didn’t have clue about protein, carbs, etc… I was doing everything wrong and had to invest in meal plan. I went with this Next Level Diet. It’s solid for now. If you guys have some other meal plans feel free to recommend it but it cant be expensive.

    • Sean Regehr says:

      Fruits, greens and whole grains. No meats, refined sugars or dairy. This type of diet requires a lot of discipline to maintain but is well worth the effort, just in how you will feel after you body gets acclimated. You can have nuts too. With nuts and things like wild rice, make sure to pre-soak them for at least 3 hours to allow the phytic acid to dissolve and then rinse them off. Phytic acid prevents the body from absorbing as much of the nutrients that are beneficial for you. Proteins are the final form of the body that created them using amino acids. Fruits have all the amino acids you require, so no you do not need to eat protein rich foods. They are the proteins of other animals typically, specifically designed for their bodies and needs. For healthy fats, consume hemp seeds regularly. At least 1/4 cup a day. Greens means anything green that is not a vegetable. Vegetables have full of starches. In short they will rob you of your iron intake and this is the key to keeping your energy levels up. Most Western diets are iron deficient. Walnuts are one good source of iron. Whole grains take longer to digest and this actually helps regulate their contribution to your energy levels in a more well balanced manner. This is also a great source of fiber. Your body requires fiber to dispose of its waste. Without enough, your body will have trouble getting rid of the waste and then it builds up inside, which is never a good thing. I recommend smoothies as you can buy a handful of your favorites and simply blend them up for a great morning meal that is light and full of vitality. However you can consume as you please. I suggest finding what you enjoy and are able to maintain. What is available in your area may not be the same as other locations as well. Eating this way may seem more expensive, but keep in mind groceries like this fresh produce do not have taxes typically and are a far greater alternative to eating any prepacked meals or snacks. But like I said this kind of diet requires discipline. Start with what you can handle and transition over time as you build momentum, otherwise you are not doing yourself any favors. I personally saw my biggest gains while eating like this. I started with the diet and was feeling so good that I challenged myself to see what kind of difference it would make working out. I already had a gauge for comparison from working out years prior. Not only was I feeling great, but my energy levels were far greater and overall soreness was down. (Fruits have lots of anti-inflammatory effects.)

  6. D. Millz says:

    Definitely liked the vid. I travel a lot for work. I usually take a couple resistance bands and a jump rope. The hardest thing for me is maintaining a good diet. Due to long hours working and poor food choices in the areas I may be working in diet becomes extremely difficult. I also don’t always have a full size fridge or kitchen to prep or keep many groceries. What do you think I can do to increase my chances of maintaining a healthy diet?

  7. aeon kazza says:

    Hewwo mr bully been doing ur workouts on and off cuz addiction and mental health for Some years the last 2 came at the right time was just About to relaps but the last 2vids helped me to keep Going ur honesty is a breath of Fresh air thank you sir!! 😀 <3
    Gaiend 15kg since i've starter 3 years ago, i Hope u Know Hoe Much this community appriciate what u do (sry for broken english)

  8. Gia Cát Dự says:

    First time i watch this guy thumb up to keep me going, i know i picked up a great health mentor. Amazing as always sir!

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