The one hundred shoulder workout requires all out effort, but the results are nothing short of incredible if you follow the shoulder exercises and protocols shown here. As always a complete shoulder workout should consist of exercises for your front delts, middle delts and rear delts. That said, even that doesn’t make this workout for shoulders complete. In order to round out your delts and create boulder shoulders you need to spend more time focusing on the reps that actually matter to help you build bigger shoulders. That is what we do in this intense shoulder workout.

As always, it’s important to define what training intensely looks like. When asked to train to failure in this shoulders workout, you want to be sure that you are still performing something that resembles the shoulder exercise that was intended. In other words, adopting poor form in order to squeeze out another concentric repetition is not allowed. You want to stop at the point when the breakdown of form starts to either short change your range of motion or introduce compensation that could turn the shoulder exercise into a risky one.

Also of importance for this 100 shoulder workout is the concept of rest pause. This means that after reaching fatigue at some point in the set of the exercise for shoulders that you’re performing, you are allowed a brief rest. In this case, just 15 seconds, in order to catch your breath and let some of the burn in the shoulder muscles subside momentarily. After resuming your reps in pursuit of your effective rep count, you ideally want to be able to do at least 1-2 reps. If for some reason you are unable to perform any reps, you can either stop the set at that point and build up towards completing your goal reps the next time you perform the workout or you simply rest a little bit longer during your intervals.

Speaking of effective reps, these are the ones that are commonly regarded as the most results producing that occur towards the end of any given set that require a much higher effort level in order to complete. Mind you, these do not need to happen at the point of failure but doing so ensures that you have adequately accessed the muscle fibers that are most responsible for this action and can grow bigger shoulders in the case of this shoulder workout.


In a typical workout for shoulders you wind up performing the majority of reps just to get to a point where you reach a level of challenge that is an adequate stimulus for shoulder muscle growth. In this type of workout, your front delts, side delts and rear delts will be subjected to on overload capable of stimulating bigger shoulders on almost every rep.

As for how to construct the 100 shoulder workout, here’s what your plan will look like:

DB/BB Overhead Press – Ignition Set into 20 Effective Reps on Push Press as a Rest/Pause

DB Side Lateral Raises – Ignition Set into 20 Effective Reps on Static Lateral Raises as a Rest/Pause

DB Hip Huggers – Ignition Set into 20 Effective Reps as a Rest/Pause

Cable Stretch Front Raises – Ignition Set into 20 Effective Reps as a Rest/Pause

Overhead Raise Face Pulls – Ignition Set into 20 Effective Reps on Face Pulls as a Rest/Pause

All totaled, this will amount to 100 effective reps in this intense shoulder workout.

If you have to adjust your weights down as the fatigue mounts, do so accordingly. You are not necessarily using your 12 rep max on an exercise, you are using a weight that will cause you to fail at the 12 rep mark in that given workout. Fatigue accumulating in the later shoulder exercises of this workout may cause you to have to drop down a bit to make this happen throughout the workout.

This is just one example of how to apply science to your shoulder workouts. If you want to train like an athlete you want to put science back in every workout you do. You can do that with the ATHLEAN-X Training Programs available at and get started right away on building a ripped, muscular, athletic body.

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  2. The 100 chest was INSANE! My workout went from a little over an hour in length to 35 minutes and it was BRUTAL! My chest got an INSANE pump though! Looking forward to all the rest of the 100 series!

    1. @Sean Wickham it isn’t as vital no. There is a general consensus that you need to train to complete failure to grow. But sometimes doing that can put you out for 3/4/5 days of training (if you do it right) so Is that worth it? Probably not

    2. @DavidPrime21 g you arnt getting a great workout if it ends without a pump. So your comment sounds incredibly stupid.

    3. @DavidPrime21 g it’s not just a pump and repping out though. It’s also a moderate amount of weight he recommended. I didn’t do the workout but the parameters for muscle growth is there

  3. I just finished a shoulder workout 30 minutes ago. I’ll try this next time.

    What I love to do as a shoulder finisher is this: start a stop watch and take a pair of dumbbells and raise it to the side as if you were doing a set of side laterals. Hold at the top position for 20 seconds, followed by 8-10 reps. At the top of the last rep, hold it for 15 seconds. Next perform 6-8 reps. At the top of the last rep, hold it for 10 seconds. Finally perform as many reps as possible.

    Have a great day and God Bless!

    1. 100 glute exercises?! Go get after it!
      Seriously, I did squats, let extension, hip thrusters, seated leg curl, Bulgarian split squat, and seated calf raise (15×1.5 range). Finish with 100 band lateral walks for gluteus medius. Let’s see how many I get right. I’m guessing TKE lunges instead of leg extension.

  4. I really enjoy this type of training, I found this keeps me more focused. great content. keep going with this series, next cover back please.

  5. Just started incorporating this effective rep/rest pause method and it’s the best burn/soreness I’ve felt in a while. It gives a super pump too. Thanks Jeff for putting this content out.

  6. Love these 100 workouts! As I get older, leveraging lighter weights while still getting the fatigue and volume for maintaining the growth is exactly what I want. Thanks for everything!

  7. This looks insane, can’t wait to try this. I’ve already saved the back one, waiting for chest, biceps and triceps! Btw, can I repeat the same workout on a weekly basis?

  8. Love watching your videos and realizing I’m already doing most of the exercises in it, reassuring.

    1. @Timon Jeretič yo brother can you suggest me the best workout routine pro’s and con’s and timing for shoulder please I’m not completely new but i have to perfect it for each dealt, one most effective for each dealt btw it’s for home workout with dumbell or not and also I’m already genetically strong like way above average but i want to go for looks I’m 19 now and i use 45lbs-20 kg dumbell as starter I’m doing dumbell raise side, front and rear dealt kickback for shoulder and triceps extension and dips(for triceps).pull ups for lats and strength alone my abs are already well packed even though i did not hit it specifically so I’m aiming for triceps,shoulder,lats,traps and chest i quess help me out bro one workout for each

    2. @A Cup is fine honestly i dont think you should train each seperately maybe try push pull legs or upper lower split there is no optimal workout plan you gotta experiment and find out what suits you generally try working in the 8-12range for compounds (multi joint movements) and 12-15 for single joint isolations for shoulders you can spam lat raises and some overhead press for chest pushups and if you can do some kind of bench press would be great (dips are also awesome) for back pull ups and chinups are great try to hit some rows with dumbells if you can good luck

  9. Hi Jeff. Your views on how to avoid overtraining (and the injuries from it) would be highly appreciated as always.

  10. Hey Jeff, how do you recommend incorporating this into a workout schedule? Should you only do these “100 workouts” by themselves (ie, as a bro split), or combine them together with other workouts?

  11. Hey Jeff… these ‘100’ workouts are the best type of videos. Effective and straight to the point. Looking forward to more of these

  12. This series on effective reps is freaking incredible. Hits the muscles SO hard. Really hoping for a video on each big muscle group!

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