This 5 year natural transformation is truly amazing when you consider not just the strength and size improvements made by Jesse but also the hurdles and obstacles he has had to overcome to do this. Jesse shares for the first time publicly, his long struggles with clinical depression and anxiety.

Getting out of bed and to work could be a challenge for Jesse on many days. The thought of getting to the gym to workout seemed like being asked to climb a mountain. That is, until he found refuge in the gym. The walls of they gym provided a freedom from tormenting thoughts that allowed him to not only grow his body, but his outlook on life as well.

As many who have watched this channel have witnessed however, the journey was quickly interrupted by a near fatal car accident. Jesse sustained head trauma that took him away from training all together and greatly limited his ability to exert high effort when he finally returned to the gym. During this time, the habitual improvements he made were gone and he once again found it very hard to be consistent with any workout, let alone one advised to him by Coach Cavaliere. The trauma also made the depressive thoughts he silently carried around with him, even more persistent and pervasive.

Jesse's chronic sadness made eating difficult. He often times found himself having to force feed himself in order to provide enough calories to attempt to build muscle. Maintaining an appetite was a struggle. Given how skinny he was to start this was something that made it almost impossible for him to gain muscle at a rate that perhaps others his age would experience. Without enough high quality nutrients, and calories in general, Jesse was finding it almost impossible to support any of the time he spent working out in the form of new muscle gains.

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Little by little, under the guidance of a professional strength coach, Jesse started seeing significant strength and muscle gains. All the while that his compound lifts like the squat, bench, deadlift, overhead press and weighted pullups were improving, he was also working on building up his size through the appropriate accessory exercises.

Essentially, Jesse was following a hybrid strength and powerlifting program like BEAXST that was taking him to all new levels of muscle development and size. His confidence was growing and his gains kept coming.

Through love, support and the outreach by many in the AX community Jesse has been able to find acceptance and peace. In this space he has been able to appreciate the journey of fitness and its value far beyond the building of muscle. It has helped him bridge the gap of silence that prevented him from expressing what he had been dealing with for so many years.

Now he hopes his video and story will do the same for you if you find yourself in a similar position as he did.

The transformation of Jesse is one of my proudest moments as a strength and conditioning coach. Watching him transform not only his body, his strength and his size but his confidence and most of all his acceptance and love of himself has been one of the most rewarding things to watch. Jesse is like a son to me in many ways. As expected, you will run into the situations where your words or advice may not be followed or listened to. But ultimately, when push comes to shove and the rubber hits the road, the willingness to turn to others for guidance and knowledge winds up producing the most direct path to results.

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I would love it if you are reading this if you could leave Jesse some love in the comments below.

If you or someone else suffers from depression, please reach out. Allow someone to help you. It's no longer a stigma but rather becoming the norm in this day of heightened pressures and expectations through social media.

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32 thoughts on “28 Year Old Completes *Jaw Dropping* Transformation (UPDATE)”
  1. The dude gained that weight and stayed cut the entire time. Gonna take a long time. Massive respect Jesse, you got the determination and grit that so many of us wish we had.

    1. Sorry to hear you’re fighting with depression, I had no clue about it since you’re so fun and positive. Working out with Jeff definitely was a gift for you and I hope you’ll hang on on it. Best support from France Jesse.

    2. @TrendPoint 30 pounds of pure muscle is very impressive for a hard gainer ectomorph doing it all natural. yeah if he was just bulking the whole time and didn’t have personal life problems, he would of got bigger gains. but his abs wouldn’t show and he’d have a LOT more fat. Some people actually value looking fit and amazing over just strength and size. size isn’t everything.

  2. as someone who suffers with depression but sort of denial of it, it hit me really hard when he described his symptoms because it sounded like it was describing me. Its odd how so many of us share this pain and struggle and yet still often suffer alone.

    your progress and dedication is amazing. pay no mind to the idiots and haters.

    1. As someone who doesn’t always take this advice, for all kinds of dumb reasons, I completely agree with @mdanam For anyone reading this, it doesn’t make you weak or a failure or whatever the reason your brain is telling you to get help. Reach out and ask for it from a professional. You DESERVE to feel ok, to be happy, and all of that

    2. Far too often that’s true – people suffer in silence. But they don’t need to! There’s ways to rid the pain that people have suffered from for far too long. Support is waiting for you out there, you just have to reach for it.

    3. You aren’t saying anything. Suffering alone is the standard state of affairs of all humans for 10,000 years. It’s normal. “A profound unmitigated loneliness is the only truth of life.” – R.K. Narayan, writer (1906-2001)

  3. Jesse…Congrats man! As a guy who has struggled with his own depression for nearly 40 years, it’s inspiring to see young guys like you speak openly about your own mental heath issues. So refreshing, as when I was first diagnosed, it was definitely taboo to admit that one you were depressed. It was often seen as a weakness. Like you perhaps, the one thing I have relied on through all these years has been my workouts. Many days, it was the only thing that made me feel better and somewhat worthwhile. I hope you hang in there!

    After a long decline, my Dad (my hero) passed away recently. It really put me into a tailspin. I’ve never gotten good results from pharmaceuticals so I recently started ketamine (Spravato) treatment. I pray it helps. If you’re interested, let me know how I can update you on my progress. Maybe it can be something that helps you. Peace out man! Mike from St. Louis

  4. I relate to this so strongly. Started lifting when I was 18 (6 years ago) when I had severe depression (weighed 118lbs at 5’8 at 12% bf). Most days I woke up and didn’t see the point of getting out of bed, moving or even existing. The gym (and running) grounded me. It pushed me to do at least something of “use” where I could grow. Fast forward 6 years I’m 153lbs at 14% bf (aiming for 170lbs), depression only hits on occasion and I’m mostly energetic and optimistic. Crushing virtually every area of my life due to boosted confidence, energy, mindset shift etc.
    Guys, it really can make ALL the difference. It’s a marathon, not a sprint and the road has potholes in it.

  5. I’m basically in a similar journey.
    Me starting to work out half a year ago has been one of the best things I’ve ever done. Because it has helped me immensely with my depression!
    Even though I’m still skinny, and progress is slow. Seeing some progress is very encouraging.

    But just the fact that I feel better physically and mentally is by far the best result I could ever get!

    1. This comment is more inspiring and motivating than all of the fake natty rhetoric combined and by biblical proportions too. Keep up the good work, man! Stay strong…

  6. Man, Jesse – thanks a ton for this message. I’m right there with you, but only recently diagnosed. Your words about having next to no motivation is sobering and relatable.

    I’ll take your example and do my best to keep working through it. It’ll always be easier to pick the couch, but you’re right about investing in ourselves. Really appreciate and respect you man. Be well!

  7. I was always a scrawny guy. 138lbs outta high-school. Found Jeff’s channel about 6 years ago and started to utilize different exercises he was showing that worked best for me. At 41 I’m 165lbs and in the best shape of my life. I started using Jesse’s contrast wave loading for my deadlifts and squat and they have skyrocketed. Nowhere close to Jesse on deadlift (pr 445) but it gives me something to work towards. Just want to say thank you for all that you guys do for people around the world. I’ve always said my gym time is my therapy and I hope more people will realize how much working out helps both physically and mentally.

    1. The gym is often times the best and healthiest release we can have given our struggles. I’m happy that you are making the most out of it and seeing progress! – Jesse

  8. Mad respect Jesse. It’s tough to be open about your vulnerabilities. Your progress has been really impressive. You can see the change in your eyes. Those “before” pics show a guy that’s uncertain, but you can see the grit and determination while you’re pushing in the gym. Congratulations brother, keep at it.

  9. Jesse, you’re awesome. I’m 66 and was diagnosed with major depressive disorder at 28 and Bipolar II years later. For many years, I didn’t know if I’d live past 30, then 50. I’ve been watching the channel for 3-4 years and it’s helped me in my training immensely. I continue to be in the best shape of my life, getting better each week. Working out has, without a doubt, helped me overcome many challenges, improved my self-esteem, and given me a sense of mastery. You deserve an award for reading the silly comments from the critics and continuing to move forward, boldly! Thank you for sharing your story.

    1. I’m a boderline bipolar with ptsd. I feel you. I Wish you the best on your journey, mate!

    2. It’s amazing how much fitness does for us, not just physically but emotionally as well! – Jesse

  10. So much respect to Jesse. Been a great journey watching you get stronger in the gym but also so see the strength mentally to be open about depression. I’ll admit Jessie is someone I look to to help keep me motivated on my fitness journey. Very similar with the body weight, though I gained more fat weight than muscle weight. I look to Jessie to help keep me in check and remember that changes don’t happen in a week but take time, but they do pay off if you stick with it. Thanks for everything you do Jessie!

  11. As someone who suffered from depression and never spoke a word to a doctor or family/friends, I feel this. My depression went away like a miracle after only a year of working out, but I sometimes keep getting pangs of depression and I feel like I’m physically the weakest in the world(which I probably am). Working out has helped me out a lot, and this channel and its advice even further. Thank you.

    1. I found that seeking help was the biggest step I could take to getting myself to feel even a little bit better, but finding those healthy outlets like the gym can make all the difference in the world – Jesse

  12. Thank you for this video, I too am a 28 year old suffering with hereditary depression and anxiety, and have had an eating disorder my whole life. Since March of this year I have been putting proper work in the gym trying my best and I understand exactly what you are experiancing as it sounds simuliar to my daily struggles, I’m 6ft 6in myself and have been thin my whole life, I use to not be able to leg press more than 100lbs now I can maxout the mechian at 310lbs+. Keep it up Jesse! and I’ll do the best I can do on my end! Also a big thank you to Jeff for the inspiration and the proper work out instructions!

  13. With all respect in the world to Jeff: Jesse, you are the reason I watch this channel. Your transformation is awe inspiring! Your work ethic, sense of humor, and charisma are off the charts. Your openness regarding your struggles is the purest example of brute strength. You represent the best of humanity. You are GOALS!

  14. Jesse, you are an inspiration brother!! As a young fitness trainer that has followed AthleanX since before you began your transformation, I can say it has been truly AWESOME to see how you’ve grown and built lean muscle over the years. And I highly respect the fact that you’re not consumed by the timeline of trying to look good for “just a summer” or a short period of time but you’ve really taken the better route of “becoming” better and making lifting and health a lifestyle. As one who knows the struggle of lack of appetite combined with fast metabolism, I have a lot of respect for you and how you’ve been consistent all this time. Keep it up bro!!! There’s a lot more people who can relate than you might think. God bless.

  15. Just want to thank Jesse for being so open about his personal life and being an inspiration to so many through this channel. I haven’t personally been diagnosed with any mental illness but have similar problems with my fitness journey. I’ve always been skinny just due to my metabolism and genetics, but a big thing that generally gets in the way of me progressing is just not having the motivation to eat, or even do simple tasks. If you have any tricks or tips to help stay on track with eating/maintaining motivation I would greatly appreciate it because even though it’s hard sometimes I’ve begun to realize it’s okay to ask for help. Once again thank you to Jesse and this channel for so many great videos for people to improve their physical life and in turn all other aspects

  16. As a father not knowing our daughter had anxiety and severe depression, getting a phone call from her therapist saying she was at those extreme low points and self harming came as a shock.
    I sat in the car after the call in tears for hours. No, in tears for a year, on and off.
    Great message Jesse. Admitting the struggles, the difficult path openly is a positive step.
    My daughter did the same. Said she is still here with us now because of us.
    Jesse, the struggles will get better. Each year is a stepping stone. Our daughter is now married, bought a house with a loving partner and her job is helping underprivileged children.

    Proud of you mate.

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