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If you find that you either can’t build muscle or are just having a hard time adding muscle size, it could be the way you’re working out that is the problem. Far too often, guys will lean on the advice of lifting weight as heavy as possible to build new muscle without any regard for how that weight is lifted in the first place. What is worse is, if you let it, your body will move that weight using every compensation and workout cheat it can. When you rely on workout cheats too often, you greatly limit your ability to pack on muscle size and you’re begging for an injury at the same time.

In this video, I show you 5 of the most common upper body lifting cheats that rob you of muscle gains. These exercise cheats affect the size of your triceps, back, shoulders and even your chest to some degree. You will likely instantly recognize many of these workout mistakes since you either do them yourself or have seen someone else do them in your gym.

To correct these exercise mistakes you have to be sure to concentrate on your workout form all the time. As you fatigue during your workout this becomes harder and harder to do. That said, it becomes even more important to do so as you get tired, since ignoring this can quickly lead to an injury that can keep you out of the gym for a long time. If you are unable to go to the gym, your ability to build new muscle becomes that much more impossible!

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Pay close attention to the slight variations in movement that occur during popular exercises like the pullup, shoulder lateral and front raises, one armed rows and triceps pushdowns. Each exercise is rife with cheats that prevent you from seeing the most muscle gains if you do them. You can fix these workout mistakes by making sure to perform the exercises with a careful eye on how you move the weight and not just where you’re moving the weights.

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By Chris Wright

Chris has spent many years working and teaching in the IT field. He enjoys spending time outdoors and learning about new topics. He likes playing golf, spending time at the beach and working on classic cars and woodworking projects.

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    1. The way I always use to correct someone is just go to a professor or something like that and say like “hey, go help that guy before he get’s hurt”. The person will never know it was me and will not feel unconfortable because it’s one of the gym’s teachers helping him, not a random dude 😀

    1.  Thats true. Theres nothing gay about mirin someone whos huge and strong to use it as motivation to train hard and attain that for yourself. Now if your thinkin about how sexy he looks and getting an erection thats another story. But thats none of my business thisguywhocamps1

  1. I am 67 been lifting since February. Thanks for your videos which are a great help in weight training the right way. Hope to get your athleanx program in the near future. I think it more important for someone my age to weight train than young people who take their health for granted. No matter what the age weight training is important to overall health. Look forward to more videos. 

  2. I honestly hate going to the gym with people around now, I like being a bit more creative with my workouts now watching Jeff and it feels amazing. But some ignorant bigger people would come up to me like “You’re using that wrong.” and I’d just be thinking, this guys just another big idiot that has no idea what he’s really doing and probably took him ages longer than it needed for him to get where he is.

    1. Or contribute. Youve got it from. Explain the science in it like jeff does. If they think otherwise still. Yeah fk em. Youve informed them intellectually and they wanna believe what they want at that point.

    2. yeah they must be idiots

      you’re much smarter using the 25lbs dumbbells with absolutely perfect form, evident by the potential gains you’re about to have based on your perfect training in stead of the present gains of the idiots telling you something else

  3. The no 1 mistake I see as to why people use bad form is ego lifting. Lifting more weights than they can’t handle in good form. They swing wildly, and set themselves up for injuries and Little gains.

  4. Another tip for pull ups I learned a while back that helps engage the lats more is “pulling through the elbows” if that makes sense, and trying to keep your weight on your ring and pinky fingers. Does wonders for getting the lats involved.
    Immediate difference for myself and everybody I’ve shown.

    1. Tbh I’m not sure if he’s natty considering he’s pretty lean and full year round, especially at his age, he may be on trt, but again the guy has great informative content and actually works hard and knows what he’s talking about unlike a lot of broscientists on YouTube who spread bs information that will mess you up in the long run.

  5. I’m really proud of myself to see that I’m doing these movements properly (except the pullups, because I’m still to much of a fatso). Your videos a damn revolutionary, and people really don’t need to watch anyone else.

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