#1284: Muscle Building Secrets of Elite Gymnasts, Training & Eating for Your Body Type & More

* Mind Pump’s favorite childhood books. (5:20)
* The art of introducing things you love to your children. (10:02)
* How it takes more work to build muscle than it does to keep it. (17:10)
* What is the best way to use caffeine? (23:57)
* How to handle your fitness and nutrition around Ramadan, tips to combat a limited mindset & MORE. (28:44)
* Sal has a crush on Elon Musk. (35:59)
* Magic Spoon continues to create UNREAL flavors. (37:41)
* Mind Pump Recommends. (40:47)
* What is going on with Disney? (46:35)
#Quah question #1 – How do elite gymnasts get so strong and perform so well despite such a high training frequency with not a lot of rest? (48:29)
#Quah question #2 – Should you train & eat differently depending on body shapes, such as Ectomorph, Mesomorph, or Endomorph? Or is that a myth? (54:30)
#Quah question #3 – For long-term health and overall longevity for lifting, would trap bar deadlifts be better than using a barbell? (1:00:15)
#Quah question #4 – In your opinion, what are the top 3 sports that indirectly give the best aesthetics? (1:05:49)

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1282: The #1 Key to Consistently Building Muscle & Strength (Avoid Plateaus!)

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    Hi Mind Pump, I was wondering if you could speak on the topic of deload training during the quarantine? As it has now been 6+ weeks since my own gym closed this would typically be the time I did a deload week. And while I dont have access to a barbell to do any compound lifts, I do have lighter dumbells and exercise bands and have been getting creative with ways to keep the intensity of my workouts up. Despite my efforts though, my body just isn’t feeling the cumulative fatigue that usually signals me that its time for a deload. Any thoughts would be much appreciated, and thanks so much everyone on the MP team for your truely unique podcast, Ive never seen such an incredible balance of conversationally informative content – haven’t missed an episode since I found you guys in february 😉

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