Complete Beginners Chest Workout | Vivek Pandey |

Workout For Beginners | First Day At GYM | Episode 1 | –

Week 3-4 | Beginners Series | Muscle Building |–

I am Vivek Pandey
Certified Advanced Physique Transformation Coach
And Contest Preparation Coach
In this video
I am gonna explain what a newbie should do at his first day at gym
Every guy once in his lifetime face this situation when he decides to hit the gym
There are so many questions that pops in the head.
What should i do at first day?
What are the correct exercise and the way to do them?
How much time should i take to do them?
How much time it will take to create a significant difference in our physique?
Well, if you are having trouble With these issues
This is it
Here you'll learn everything from beginner to advance level.

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