The 💯 Chest Workout (MOST EFFECTIVE!)

The hundred chest workout requires all out effort, but the results are nothing short of amazing if you follow the chest exercises and protocols shown here. As always a solid chest workout should consist of exercises for your upper chest, middle chest and lower chest. That said, even that doesn’t make this workout for chest complete. In order to round out your pecs with a well rounded workout you need to spend more time focusing on the reps that actually count to help you build a bigger chest. That is what we do in this workout.

If you look at the four main exercises that people do in their chest workouts you will see incline bench press, barbell bench press, dips and pushups. Take a closer look into each of these basic chest exercises and you will see one thing in common. That is, each of these exercises is lacking a full adduction of the shoulder within the exercise. As we did in the perfect chest workout, we are going to make sure we address this oversight but remain in the effective rep range for each as we make our way through this chest workout.

Remember, just because you are going through a full range of motion on the chest exercises that you are doing it does not mean that you are taking a muscle through its full range of motion. In order to grow fuller pecs you are going to have to train with this in mind and be sure to include chest exercises that take your arm through different planes of motion.

When it comes to training in the effective rep range, ask yourself a question. When you perform a set of any chest exercise, do you take it to failure or close to failure? Likely, the only reps you feel that are challenging are the final 1 to 3 reps. This is because, it is only at the point after the muscle has been stressed enough to tap into the harder to reach type IIb muscle fibers that the task at hand becomes challenging enough to stimulate muscle protein synthesis.

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If you do not experience some type of tension overload, eccentric overload or metabolic damage during a set – it can be pretty well accepted that you have not done enough to create the need for your body to help you grow a bigger chest.

With the chest workout technique shown here and in this series, you’re going to more quickly tap into these growth inducing type II fibers. The strategy is as follows:

Perform a set of the chest exercises shown below to 12 rep failure. Choose a weight that will cause you to fail at or close to the 12 rep mark. This is called the ignition set. At this point, the real work begins. Rest for just 15 seconds as part of a somewhat prolonged rest/pause. As soon as these 15 seconds are up, get back into another set. You will instantly recognize that the reps will be challenging more quickly due to the decreased recovery time allowed.

You are still using the same load however, therefore your chest is still being subjected to the same external load. However many reps you get after each of these rest/pause increments are all deemed to be effective reps. Each bout should be taken to failure. Accumulate 20 effective reps, even if you’re getting just 1 out at a time at some point, and your work on that exercise is complete.

If for some reason you are unable to complete any more reps on your way to 20, end your set and aim to complete all 20 the next time you perform this workout.


Here is how to construct the 100 chest workout with that in mind.

– DB Bench Press – Ignition Set then 20 Effective Reps as a Rest/Pause
– Cable Crossovers – Ignition Set then 20 Effective Reps as a Rest/Pause
– DB Thumbs Up Incline Bench Press – Ignition Set then 20 Effective Reps as a Rest/Pause
– Weighted Dips – Ignition Set then 10 Effective Reps as a Rest/Pause as a Pause Dip
– Omni Crossovers – Ignition Set then 15 Effective Reps as a Rest/Pause with each arm in high position

Optional: Static Hold Pushups x 20 reps using a 5 second isometric hold at the bottom of each rep (Rest/Pause)

All totaled, this will amount to 100 effective reps in this intense chest workout.

If you have to adjust your weights down as the fatigue mounts, do so accordingly. You are not necessarily using your 12 rep max on an exercise, you are using a weight that will cause you to fail at the 12 rep mark in that given workout. Fatigue accumulating in the later chest exercises of this workout may cause you to have to drop down a bit to make this happen throughout the workout.

This is just one example of how to apply science to your chest workouts. If you want to put science back in every workout you do, head to and get started right away on building a ripped, muscular, athletic body.

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    Would this same strategy — ignition set followed by rest-pauses to accumulate a target number of effective reps — work for squats, back, arms, etc.?

    • ATHLEAN-X™ says:

      Exercise selections are key. A barbell squat would not be a great choice for this training technique – which I’ll explain when we get to the legs edition of this workout series.

  4. Charles Holmes says:

    Great video as usual and a nice mix from those already in programs. It would be great to see a 100 workout for the shoulder girdle

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    Jeff is truly the best, I want to be a personal trainer myself and his videos are 100 percent better than anything online certifications will teach you.

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    “Don’t count the reps, make the reps count”
    Because of you videos we can definitely count the reps that count. Thank you Jeff!

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    4:10 this is why we love Jeff. always gives us options. I’m gonna try this in the morning, but with a different chest exercise more suited to my arsenal

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      I love the underhand db bench press. It definitely has been my go-to in times of “flat bench or nothing”. Glad it helped!

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    Being someone who does hundreds of pushups a day, I like challenges. Gonna try that 5 second hold push-up. Thanks Jeff! Always appreciate your knowledge.

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    Could you also mention feet placement during some of the exercises where it needs it.. Bench, crossover, etc…. Just want to ensure I’m not engaging my legs or back and focusing on the chest if that makes sense. Long time student Jeff, as always, appreciate the science!

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    Hi, whenever i raise my leg, then lower it again, my hip snaps. It feels like a tendon is sliding over a bone. Its mostly painless, however i am concerned that i may be wearing away the tendon. I enjoy kickboxing so this is something that is quite annoying. So far i have done some hip mobility drills but none of them have an immediate effect. Love your videos, i appreciate the help

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      I get the same feeling and I found that if I tuck in my abs it goes away somewhat. Still, I’d like to know the cause and a more permanent solution. I also ask this whenever I’m early on these videos so I hope Jeff answers one of us soon.

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    The bad news is I did my chest and shoulder workout early this morning, the good news is it was Jeff’s chest and shoulder workouts so I got a really good burn anyway but this will definitely be my next chest workout, Great video again!

  12. SGT. NMI says:

    By breaking this down, I can effectively incorporate these movements into my full-body/5-day-a -week routine.

  13. Cenk Esgin says:

    Thanks Jeff!!! Please upload more workouts like this or like the workouts that you posted in your very earlier years such as HURRICANE workout, 300 spartians workout, Halloween workout, superbowl workout etc.. even the outdoor workouts!
    These were so much effective in an athlete way, and also so much fun as they were so creative!

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    Back to the roots: short, intense and effective workouts!
    Since I follow you, I have never stopped learning and improving!
    Keep doing what you are doing!

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    40LB DOWN since the day I stared doing what you tell me to do Coach! 8 months into the transformation. One day I wanna show my transformation! Coach Jeff is the man!

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