How to Get WIDER Shoulders (2 Exercises)

Want wider shoulders? Here's 2 great shoulder exercises that you should add to your shoulder workout. These will focus on growing the side delts. Both are lateral raises, but different kinds. #shorts #shortsfeed #shortsyoutube #shortsvideo

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22 thoughts on “How to Get WIDER Shoulders (2 Exercises)

  1. Dawgs says:

    you should do a video on the arnold split, like u did for the ppl split, cause the ppl series was SO GOOD, and a lot of people use the arnold split or a combination (includin me lol)

  2. Adam Lubinski says:

    Awesome! Was hoping for another long video with Betty haha but this is great too. How many times a week you recommend?

  3. Markus says:

    Using a inclined bench to reduce cheating with traps and anterior delts and then intentionally performing a front-arm movement makes no sense.

    • Markus says:

      @Just Duro yeah, I agree, it makes sense for lateral raises to work your medium part of the delt (thats why you incline in the first place), but he makes some kind of weird front raises and that makes no real sense in this setting.

  4. Sentadilla búlgara hater says:

    I started doing one set of the second exercise almost everyday and the mind muscle connection is insane

  5. Mickael Dintimille says:

    Don’t listen to all these fitness gurus. If you want big shoulder, you should first have strong shoulder and for that, there’s only one movement: overhead press.

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