New Tees and Tanks Out!

What's all the rage about cold showers? Can it increase testosterone? Can it help build more muscle and make you stronger? Is any of it work skipping hot showers in favor of freezin yourself? Let's find out!

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59 thoughts on “Should You Take COLD SHOWERS For MUSCLE and STRENGTH?

    • Jarne De Prins says:

      Barry hicks, my physiotherapists says 10min each to have the best effect… I don’t know, but I trust him, if he says 10mins each, I do 10mins each 😉

    • Jarne De Prins says:

      barry hicks, yeah true :p but I only do it,when my muscles are super sore, because well, I don’t have that much time :p Because after you have done that, you still need to wash youself, and with all stretching, washing, I’m normally already busy for around 40minutes, and than 30minutes time extra to switch from cold to hot to cold, nah, I still need to study as well :p 😉

  1. Gerardo Garza García says:

    As Jeff Cavaliere would say: less pain = more gain. soreness is not equivalent to pain. As much as a cold shower may not give too much or diminish gains process a shower is only *small* part of the equation to gains. Eating and sleeping, with an appropriate, smart, and intense workout, are more important. if you have pain, guess what? you can’t make gains because you be stuck resting all the time or worse, with a doctor.

  2. Jacob Proctor says:

    It doesnt make you stronger. I have taken cold showers for the past 2 years so basically my information is almost authority. It makes your skin and hair better and less dry. You feel better and are often not cold when everyone else is in a room. It can fix inflammation and help lessen emotional problems. I would recommend it, it gets me hyped up and woken up for the day in the morning. Will it increase testosterone? I wouldn’t know, but muscle gains sure aren’t going to be affected by cold showers if at all. If you get muscle gains, it’s from you working out.

  3. Shivam Mandhotra says:

    Cold showers may not be good for building muscles but they are certainly beneficial for increasing mental and physical fitness . and fitness does not mean hypertrophy.

  4. Omer'ul-Faruk Arslaner says:

    There’s no sience behind this water temperature will not affect your gains the research done was far different from just showering cold for 1-2 minutes won’t have any negative affect on your gains.

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