Natural BodyBuilding – Building Muscle vs Getting Stronger

The steroid-fueled bodies of movie stars have dominated the limelight since the 1960s, but have you ever wondered what's possible with natural bodybuilding?

In this article we talk about what sort of bodies people could achieve before the age of growth hormones and steroids, but also how to achieve the right type of body.

Ever wonder why some small guys with little muscle mass (like Bruce Lee) can be incredibly strong, while some muscular behemoths are pretty weak?

In this video we'll talk about why different training modalities leave people with different types of bodies.

41 thoughts on “Natural BodyBuilding – Building Muscle vs Getting Stronger

  1. 王維 says:

    The reason why Bruce Lee is strong is because he trains his muscle for fighting. A bodybuilder trains his muscle for lifting, so a bodybuilder can lift much heavier than Bruce Lee can, but can’t hit others effectively like Bruce Lee can(but better than the ones who never train their muscles). Also, Bruce Lee has the technique to hit more effectively.

  2. My Name Is Hello says:

    I’m glad people still remember Bruce Lee! :’)
    And I’m so glad that it’s verified that for strength it’s actually better to workout more often, and to grow muscle size only, it would be recommended to train a muscle group twice a week, I aim mostly for performance and workout my muscle groups a lot more often so it’s good news for me 😀
    Btw, 8:29 nice style! Kind of jealous of his shoes and trousers, would love to have those! 😀

  3. tonda01 says:

    Wanna be big and strong naturally? Do old school full body workouts (like 5×5) , with compound movements, low reps and high frequency. Eat and sleep well.
    True is you need to work rather your CNS then your muscles, this means heavy weights and compound movements like Squats, Clean, Pushpress, Benchpress, Deadlifts, rows….etc. And cycling heavy mid and low weight days.

    Or continue with bro split, but TREN hard, Eat CLEN, ANAVAR give up!!

  4. Andrei Maxwell says:

    I’ve known for a long time that there was a huge difference in muscle ‘appearance’ and actual ‘power’ behind the human body, this video just confirmed it for me.

    • zazugee says:

      yes, john got it rights, it’s about muscle fibres, and not really size, altho there is a correlation of size and power.
      but on micro-cell level, it’s known that hypertrophy act on making cells bigger by storing more water and glycogen.
      So most of that bulk is water, real strenght is in myo-fibres numbers.
      And how much you can activate at one time.
      And there are 3 types of fubres, Type I (slow, oxygenated, weak) , Type II A (fast, glycogen, medium); Type II X (super fast, ATP easily depleted ; strong)
      Type II X is the strongest, but also the fastest to be delepeted to failure, few people know to use it, mostly it’s for exaplosive starts in 100meters or when you lift a weight that you rarely try (like pushing a car, punching …etc)
      each fiber have it’s role
      hypertophy training mostly focus on Type II A
      while powerlift and stronglift train Type II X
      endurance training train Type I

  5. Achilles Training System ATS says:

    the real difference in my opinion that made Bruce lee stronger is the isometric nature of his workout .. also his weight training was either for speed ( plyometric ) or for strength 1-4 reps.. training for hypertrophy is different.. however you can add muscle or power either way.. from the other hand every bodybuilder(competition level) and i dont care what they say is on steroids

    many of them are talking openly about it in my gym.. you cannot compete if you dont do it.. and also if you see other athletes like in the Olympics they all do steroids ..

    Footballers in the old times used to play until 40-45 years old but now they cannot.. the level of steroid use and pressure is higher than anytime our body cant handle the chronic steroid use without falling apart..

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