Okay. Okay. hello everyone. This is Daniel with fitness blogger.com and today we’re gonna be going through an upper body workout that I haven’t included a warm up or cool down with this routine. So I want to make sure you get both of those in on your own. So if you haven’t done your warmup yet, go ahead and hit pause, go get your work done, and then come back. Otherwise, let’s go ahead and get started. All right guys, we have three different groups go through. Each group has four different exercises and our first group is going to focus on our chest and our upper back. So let’s go ahead and get started with this first exercise, which is going to be a chest press. It’s a regular flat chest press and we’re going to do 10 repetitions with this. So pick whatever weight you think you can do 10 repetitions with. Really try to challenge yourself. So I’m going to using 50 pounds in each hand. We’re going to drop down on the ground for this one.


Get those dumbbells up over top of your chest. The nice and slow jump those elbows out to the side, good as low to the ground as you can without completely touching or letting that chest relax and then press it right back up. Nice slow controlled motions, giving you as much of a full range of motion as you can. If you have a bench at home, by all means, use that instead of laying on the ground. But if you don’t have a bench ground, we’ll work this nice slow controlled motions. Again, keep those lungs open. You want those elbows coming straight up from those shoulders halfway through, very slowly drop and try to keep the same speed as you. Push it back up. Okay, two more to go. Last one

and drop those dumbbells.

All right, we’re going to move onto our next exercise, which is going to be the exact opposite of what we just did. So we just did a chest press. Now we’re going to do a rowing motion so we can get that back for really nice and flat and pull straight up from there. So again, pick whichever way you can do 10 repetitions with and still complete. All those repetitions with clean form. All right, so I’m going to use 30 pounds per hand, feet just about shoulder width apart, back, perfectly flat, even arching up just a little bit. Lean straight over did that chess is close to parallel to the ground as you can pull those arms up and out to the sides. Nice slow controlled motion. Try to get those hands up as high as you can.


it’s halfway. Two more.


And the last one, go ahead and let it relax. Drop those weights off for just a second.


we’re trying to move relatively quickly through these. So tried to take too much of a break or moving onto a another chest press or dropped back down to the ground with the time we’re gonna try to do a declined version. So you’re gonna try to bring your hips up, so against like whatever weight you want to use for that. It focuses on a lower portion of your chest, kind of the underside. And typically most people were a little bit stronger there than they are, even with a regular flat bench. So keep that in mind.

All right,

so hands has moved their shoulders and to make it a decline or bringing those hips up nice and high, really shove him up. Squeeze those glutes and those hamstrings nice and slow again out to the side. Press it right back up. Make sure you’re not holding your breath. Check and make sure those hips aren’t drooping.

wrist, right about that elbow the entire time.

two more. Last one. And slowly let them down. I relax. All right, let’s drop those weights back down. So now we’re gonna try to mimic that motion as much as we can with the row motion again. So this time, instead of doing a completely flat row where I go at about a 45 degree angle. So again, pick which way you want to use.


These two positions should be relatively similar to the flat and the incline. So again, feet just about shoulder width apart. Bend over, flat against the ground, bring up to about a 45 remember again, try to keep that incline and then do that row from there. That elbows up. Now if the sides,



try to keep that wrist hanging directly below the elbow the entire time. Keep it going. Just two repetitions.


Yeah, let it relax. Alright. Drop those weights. That was our first group done. Now we’re going to switch onto our second group. So our second group is going to be focusing a little bit different position. So instead of chest and upper back, we’re not gonna be doing shoulders and lats. So our first exercise is gonna be an overhead press. So starting here, straight up, back down again when we’re trying to run through this relatively quickly. So go ahead and select your weight for that one. I am going to use 25 pounds per hand. Just make sure I can get a nice clean form on it. Just pop that weight up. Just about that elbow. Again, risk directly above elbow the entire time. Press it straight up. Full extension. Nice and slow back down. Hover just a little bit up. Don’t let your elbows collapse in

Keep those elbows straight out from one another. Don’t let them curl in towards you.


keep that back nice and flat. Don’t let your chest lean back. Your body’s going to have a tendency. You want to do that. We’ll try to keep that torso straight up and down.

One more.

Yeah. Relax. All right. Drop those dumbbells.


No, they’re short little break. So I did overhead press. So now we need to do a little bit of a lat pull down. If you have a pull up bar at home, I suggest doing that instead. But if you don’t have one, then you’re laid down on the ground or we’ll do a dumbbell pullover. So I’m going to use just a can go ahead and use both dumbbells the same time. So 20 pounds per hand Liggett. Well again, lay down flat on your back. I’m gonna start with those dumbbells. Straight up above your head, straight above their shoulders, palms facing down towards your feet. Nice and slow. Drop them over top of your head as far down as is comfortable. And then right back up again. Pause directly about that shoulder joint. Don’t go any further. Nice and slow down. Let them hover. Don’t touch the ground. All right, pack up. Keep those lungs open. Keep that lower back flat against the ground. As you do this, your body’s going to try to use use leverage by letting your rib cage r-chop. Keep that lower back flat against the mat, that mat or that ground.


Halfway through.


two more. Those lungs open. One left.

Yeah, let him relax. All right. Back up again. Drop those weights. So we did that overhead press for that shoulder. Now we’re going to do a lateral raise. Again focusing on that shoulder. So a lateral raise is much more difficult than a overhead press, so definitely go a lot lighter.

I think I might even drop more than that. So just leverage wise, this exercise is drastically different than an overhead press, even though it uses the same muscle. So palms facing in towards your thighs, nice and slow. Arms come up as high as you can. Your range of motion is going to stop you at a little above shoulder height, so at least go to shoulder hike. If you can’t get to shoulder height, you’d weight lifting way too much weight. The goal should be about a 45 degree angle above that shoulder. And then that range of motion in that shoulder joint should stop you. Let’s keep those lungs open. Don’t use momentum. Make that muscle. Have to carry that weight too. That entire range of motion. Let’s just do two more.

Last one

it down nice and slow and let it relax. All right, jump that weight again. Okay, so we did that lateral raise motion. So we need to try to mimic that by the in the opposite direction. So again, if you have like a cable out, pull down. If you’re doing this in a gym somewhere, do a cable pull down instead, since we’re at home or if you are at home, use your dumbbells. We’re do a side, uh, overhead pole. So, um, use roughly the same amount a weight. It’s just one dumbbell at a time. You gonna be laying on your side arm directly above your shoulder, on their arm, kind of out in front of us a little bit for a little bit. Support to keep you from tipping over nice and slow. Drop that hand above your head and pull it right back over top of that shoulder.

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Okay. Just keep

those lungs open. Nice. Fluid, full range of motion. Drop that dumbbell over your head as far as you can go. Just don’t want to touch the ground.


try to keep that arm as straight as you can.

two more.


I try to keep that shoulder nice and steady. Yeah, let it relax. Alright. And you do the same exact thing on the opposite sides of switch around and bill on the opposite hand. Straight up above that shoulder. Try to keep your shoulders stack as much as you can. Other hand, again out just a little bit to help you keep your balance. You don’t roll. Drop at hand above your head and pull it straight back over top of that shoulder joint. Keep those lungs open.


Just to focus on that form that it’s halfway right there. Keep it going.


two more. Keep those lungs open. Tried to hold your breath. Keep that arm extended. Nice and straight. Watch that form.


let it relax. Alright. That was the end of group number two. Our last one is going to focus a little bit more on biceps and triceps, so we’re going to give those a little bit of time to rest since we just pumped him out as an assisting muscle with the rest. So give a little bit of a break. We’ll be right back. Did you group number three. Alright guys, welcome back. We have one more group to go. Group three and again, like I said, this one is going to be focusing on the biceps and the triceps. So we have four more exercises to go to for each of those muscle groups who are starting off with an overhead tricep extension and we’re doing one arm at a time. So grab one dumbbell. You can do an overhead tricep extension with for 10 repetitions. All right, I’m going to be using 15 pounds. If that dumbbell directly up over top of your shoulder, try and keep that elbow directly above that shoulder. Nice and slow. Drop that hand back behind you as far as it’s comfortable. Then press it right back up with his little upper arm movement. As you can manage nice and slow back down. Slowly press it back up. Keep lungs open, keep that back nice and flat. Don’t let your back who your chest arch back. You want to keep them nice and straight.

It was the lungs. Open

that motion under control, nice and slow. No quick jerky motions and definitely don’t build any momentum into it. You want to make that muscle work all the way through that range of motion.

Two more. Last one.

All right. Same thing on the other side.


nice and slow. Again, elbow above shoulder. Drop that hand back behind you as far as it’s comfortable and right back up and make sure when you’re doing these exercises, especially when you do single arms, you never ever use more weight on one side than you do the other if you need to. If you have a really big imbalance from left to right, which a lot of people do, you want to make sure you balance the weight off of the weaker side. So the stronger side is actually doing less weight than it can. I know that seems like you should be using more weight but don’t do it cause if you do, your body is going to constantly get stronger on that stronger side and you’re going to take forever to catch up on your weak side. So always match your weight to the weak side.


Just two more to go. Keep that motion nice and slow into control. Last one.


All right, let that relax.


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Alright, so that was triceps to now we’re doing our bicep. Next we’re going to be doing a hammer curl. So pumps facing in. Select what weight you want for that one we are using 25 pounds per hand. We’ll see how the streets me so standing up nice and straight and tall. Again, neutral spine. Don’t lean back or forward. Nice and slow. Draw that hand straight up towards your shoulder. Palms facing in towards one another. Squeeze up nice and tight to that shoulder and then very slowly back down. You want to make sure that that elbow doesn’t come forward. So keep that elbow squeeze back directly underneath that shoulder.


Get those lungs open.


two more. Try to be almost robotic about it. Nice clean form every single repetition. Nice, slow controlled motion. Last one.

and let her relax. All right, we’re going to move on to a tricep kickback. Now those biceps and triceps are really, really swollen right now. If they’re not, you need to be lifting more weight. They should be really, really full of blood. Some pinching those arms to your sides might be a little bit awkward. So make sure that you’re using a little bit lighter weight than you necessarily normally would. Um, it’ll just help out with the that form a little bit. So I’m going to drop that way just a little bit is 10 pounds per hand. Nice and slow. Your drip tip straight forward, flat bat until you’re parallels. Do Ground. Draw those elbows up to your sides. I’ll let that hand drop dead underneath that elbow and nice and slow. Extend back slowly back down. Nice and slow out again and back. Keep that back flat. Keep that upper arm stationary. Two more. Last one. Clean form.

let it relax. All right. Just one more round for those biceps, right. I’m going to drop me with just a little bit for this one. We were doing a traditional bicep curl this time. So palms facing forward. Same rules. Apply. Elbows directly underneath that shoulder the entire time. Nice and slow. Curl at hand. Straight up to that shoulder. Nice and slow back down. Check that elbow. Make sure you don’t let it roll forward cause you’re gonna have a tendency to want to do that. Keep it pinned back tight. Squeeze. Keeping those lungs open, right halfway.

last one.


Let it do a nice and slow and let it relax. Alright, that was our last exercise of this routine. So this workout is complete. Good job guys. If you want to move onto another workout, otherwise get your cooldown in and you’re done. Thanks for watching. We’ll see you guys next time. Okay.

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    1. yes I had the same problem try to do moves that target each side alone and always start with the weaker one, never do extra reps or add on extra weight to the weaker leg by time it will catch up with your stronger leg 🙂 I guess its a very normal thing that will get fixed in a matter of time and concentration. peace

  2. Question: Do you do our workouts at home or at the gym?
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  4. Summary:

    Three group and four exercises for each group.

    First group: Chest and back
    1) Chest press for 10 reps followed by 10 reps of bent-over rows
    2) Decline chest press (10 reps) followed by incline rows (10 reps)

    Second group: Shoulders and Lats
    1) Overhead press (10 reps) followed by pullover (10 reps)
    2) Lateral raise (10 reps) followed by Side pullover (10 reps)


    Third group: Biceps and triceps
    1) Overhead triceps ext (10 reps) followed by hammer curls (10 reps)
    2) Dumbbell kickback (10 reps) followed by palms-forward bicep curls (10 reps)

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