Dan Green on Using Intensity to Build Muscle | elitefts.com

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30 thoughts on “Dan Green on Using Intensity to Build Muscle | elitefts.com

    • Democrats are cunts says:

      James Gillam reread my comment. High test stimulates aggression. That’s why “steroid rage” is common and teenagers are pissy all the time. A “tiny bit of muscle gain” is a decent bit of muscle gain when you don’t do anything whatsoever to gain that muscle. I’m not wrong, you’re ignorant.

    • James Gillam says:

      @P P Pete Rubish has spoken about roid rage from tren, as have many other people so I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a connection there but like I said, hard evidence isn’t conclusive yet. Steroids absolutely allow you to get super big and super lean, via letting you recover better to train harder and actually get the benefits of breaking down the muscles that hard. It also allows to maintain way more muscle mass while cutting lean which is a huge benefit. My argument was never that steroids don’t work, or that they don’t have potential to change your personality, it was that they don’t allow you to just not work hard and make amazing gains, you have to work super hard to get the most out of them.

  1. Domrick says:

    This video made me realize that with powerlifting you are able to develop, or if it’s already there improve, the ability to make good splitsecond decisions under pressure, which is an ability that is truly useful… made me appreciate the sport even more

  2. ultrafloss492 says:

    I wholeheartedly agree, intensity through control. In my experience I forget sometimes that I’m also training, discovering, adjusting and learning while going through each rep.

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