Want to take a shot at Jeff Cavaliere’s pullup challenge? It doesn’t matter if you can knock out more than 15 reps in a single set of pullups or struggle to do up to 3. Anyone can take part in this pull-up workout challenge.

The rules are simple. You perform a certain number of reps of a pull-up dependent upon your starting strength level. This number is determined specifically by the number of pullups you can do in a single set to failure. You can either test this before you attempt the challenge or on a separate day so you can be fresh for the main event.

Here is how to determine your pull-up rep goal:

1-3 pullups in a single max set: You will perform 15 reps in this challenge
4-8 pullups in a single max set: You will perform 30 reps in this challenge
9-14 pullups in a single max set: You will perform 40 reps in this challenge
15 or more pullups in a singe max set: You will perform 50 reps in this challenge.

That said, the scoring in this workout is not about your ability to perform the number of reps so much as it has to do with how many sets it takes you to perform them. Each time you drop from the bar, the set you are performing is considered over. Your rest time between sets should either be as long as it takes the person you are going head to head with to complete their reps or 30 seconds max if you are performing it by yourself.

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To count these reps you want to be sure that you get your chin up over the bar on every rep and that you extend all the way down at the bottom. Count out the rep at the bottom to ensure that you pause briefly before ascending into your next repetition.

The short rest time is definitely going to be a humbling addition to this workout for many. You may be used to knocking out reps of pullups but then taking adequate rest in between sets to enable you to get just as many or close to as many reps again in subsequent sets. Not here. You have to max out that rest time at just 30 seconds and get back up on the bar to continue.

If you are performing this in the doorway at home using a door pull-up bar and find that your legs are too long and hit the floor – it is acceptable to bend your knees behind you. Generally, if height isn’t an issue however I recommend that you keep your legs straight and a little out in front of you to maximize the output of the kinetic chain without succumbing to energy leaks that can sap your strength.

It doesn’t matter if you are a rank beginner or someone that is more advanced, anyone can perform this pullup challenge. Be sure to share it with a friend that you think would like the chance to compete as well. If you don’t do as well as you think you could, don’t be afraid to rest up a couple days and come back to perform it again. Also, you may find that you used the wrong strategy when you performed this challenge. Taking the sets close to failure may be costing you a shot to get more reps out in later sets but you need to be careful that you don’t do too many unnecessary sets that will increase your total count.

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So how do you score yourself? Use this chart to see.

How many sets did it take you to complete your goal number of reps?

5 or less sets: X-Treme
6-8 sets: Elite
9-11 sets: Pro
12-15 sets: Solid
More than 15 sets: Basix

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  2. Jeff Cavaliere issues a pullup challenge and then obviously holds himself back to encourage all of us mere mortals to try it. I see what you did there Jeff, I see what you did 🙂

  3. Jeff’s wife: looks like you woke up on the wrong side of the bed.
    Jeff: that’s right, I have to go back to bed and wake up on the other side of the bed to avoid any muscle imbalances.

    1. ​@Ricardo Clemente I wasn’t offended, if you read carefully I said why I didn’t like the joke. You know getting offended and not liking something aren’t the same thing. 🙂
      I’m using happy faces trying to imply I’m not trying to offend anyone, just stating my differing opinion in this “conversation” if you can call youtube comments that.

    1. @Brandon Sutanto It’s ok. I try to hold myself to the same standard, and yes, of course I sin just as anybody else, and I have judged unrighteous judgment upon nonbelievers before; that said, however, I have also felt GOD’S correction for it as well as been called out by my CHRISTIAN Brothers. I always try to not judge nonbelievers as much as I can, because I know it is wrong. Some CHRISTIANS don’t yet realize how wrong it is, though, and we must help them to see what they are doing so that they do not drive anybody further from GOD’S Kingdom.

  4. Jeff to his students first thing in the morning if he was a teacher: what’s up guys Jeff cavalier Athlean x dot com. Today’s lesson is about pull ups. Anyone disrupting me during class will have to internally rotate their shoulders for the whole class

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