HOW I BUILT GIANT BICEPS WORKOUT – SECRET: Negative and Positive Reps | Resistance Bands Only!

This workout like all of the rest was BRUTAL!!

Day 28 – We've done Positives and negatives before and sometimes in the same reps. This time we will alternate 30-seconds of Positives with one exercise, rest, and then 30-seconds of Negatives with another exercise.

You can use any Resistance Bands, however for every one of these workouts we will be using Bodylastics Bands. If you have a set you will know why they are 🥇Top Rated! If you don't have a set and then acquire some, you will understand very quickly why they Rock. Need a set of Bodylastics? Click the link:

Want more instruction for the exercises in this workout?
Check out the Resistance Bands Arms Playlist On our Channel:

Be sure to complete at 30 days of workouts and we'll see you tomorrow for workout 29!

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Hello! I’m Blake Kassel CEO of Bodylastics. I am an expert in Resistance Bands Training for Muscle Growth. Resistance Band Training has saved my life and enables me to compete with folks half my age (I was born in 1969). I'm here to help you get the most out of your Resistance Bands every single day. Why? Because consistency is KEY, And in order to be consistent- You MUST take on a Warrior type attitude!!!

Let’s do this!

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21 thoughts on “HOW I BUILT GIANT BICEPS WORKOUT – SECRET: Negative and Positive Reps | Resistance Bands Only!

  1. bill clark says:

    Thank you Blake!1 am at 66 and now have the biggest BI’s of any time! You’re so kind to do this. I’m all about the next one! Chest///sure!!

  2. ZEUS says:

    Another good pump!!! Prob will still do a couple of these a week after the challenge. Chest next??? Let’s get it!!!!!!

  3. Shakti Krishnamurthy says:

    Blake – an you also share some nutrition videos. What you’ve been eating/ supplementing along with these workouts ?

  4. Mike Woltering says:

    Went from Monday’s chiseled right straight into this. Biceps on biceps, and they are toast! Great job Blake. I vote for chest. Want to give my arm a bit of a break.

  5. Justin D says:

    Loving this workout and definitely think it should be a constant just change the muscle group monthly this is fantastic!!!

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