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By Chris Wright

Chris has spent many years working and teaching in the IT field. He enjoys spending time outdoors and learning about new topics. He likes playing golf, spending time at the beach and working on classic cars and woodworking projects.

    1. Alot of athletes have small legs … could be genetics .. I’m one of them no matter how much I train my calves they’re still small indeed improvement but not much

    2. @M P i understand that you want to only be good at one thing but honestly its better to be strong in both weight liftingand bodyweight movement imo… i dont completely agree with you at “switching things up”… yes you need to train your body with movements its not used to but that doesnt mean your lats can tell the difference between a lat pull down and a pull up… the best way to switch things up is to either add weight to your exercises, dropsets, supersets and eccentrics to finish one set… when doing calisthenics and your goal is to build muscle you need to keep in mind that bodyweight is going to get very light and isnt gonna provide overload on your muscles forever, therefor you need to either start incorperating weight training sessions or weighted calisthenics. Either way, its tension and progressive overload wich is one of the only ways to build muscle. The body doesnt know the difference between a lat pull down and a pull up

    1. MegaLouLuo
      wtf you talking, delite coment pls, dont you see wtf he is doing with his body?? dont mention steroids pls, he is clean like his moves.

  1. Somebody said he use steroids, i don’t think so.You can follow him on instagram,he always post his workout and nutrition on instagram stories , everyday . You will see he just hard work and live a healthy life.
    Peace 😉

    1. Workout & More compare him with the classic bodybuilder from the 80er, Mr. Olympia competitors.

      Now tell me in my face. Do you really think he is natural?

    1. @Ian Fankhauser: I agree. You can smell out roids always! People can say whatever they want but there’s a limit on what you can achieve while natural. Roids are different beast

  2. I am always cracking up watching those videos because those muscle boys want to look tough and act like they were preparing for a battle or something 😀
    If you meet those guys in reality most of them are nice, laughing, having fun and afraid of carbs :DDD

    1. @Nowu of the North this guy is more like 5ft6 to 5ft7 and don’t think you can beat someone just because they’re short and just because they’re short doesn’t mean they’re not strong as there are some people around this guy’s height who can lift a lot of weight.

    2. @Nowu of the North Yes I did but that still doesn’t mean that you should think you can beat anybody just because they’re smaller than you thinking that way can get you killed in a real fight and that’s not a really a good example to use as the mountain is like a foot taller then McGregor I’m more talking about a guy who is 5 foot 7 beating a guy who is 6ft 3 which is possible as the height,size and strength Gap wouldn’t be as huge as the mountain vs McGregor.

    3. @Nowu of the North if mc Gregor was good jump kicks he would kick him straight in the jaw breaking his neck but he ain’t so if someone was really strong can good wity kicks good mountain

    1. @eqw321 that’s right. Except if you just keep on doing bodyweight exercises, your body will hit a plateau and you’ll eventually have to do those excersies weighted if you want to gain more muscle mass.

    2. @J HALLEY i consider weighted calisthenics to be calisthenics because it develops not only the muscle size but also the control, mobility etc.
      fewer people do weighted calisthenics because their goal isn’t size, but strenght, to achieve abilities such as planche, that’s why i said it depends on the style of training that you do and goals

    1. @Martin Lukáš his been lifting weights for 6 years weighted calisthentics basically lifting weights he does weighted handstand push ups I doubt he isnt natural he also 5,7 quite short so looks bigger

  3. Man i’ve been working out with gym rings and weight vests doing bodyweight workouts and DUDEEE IT WORKSSS LIKE MAGIC.Pumps and develops the muscles 5 times more than dumbbells workout.

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