The Secrets of Muscle Building | PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD – The definite way to BUILD MUSCLE

Contreras article here: What Is Progressive Overload? Progressive Overload: It’s creating a challenge or a stress to the muscle, creating a challenging or a stressfull stimulus in order to force the muscle to adapt to said stimulus Now one thing that for sure, isn’t true, most people when they hear progressive overload they think that it means adding more weight, and that is just not true. For sure adding weight is one form of progressive overload but it isn’t the only way. Progressive overload is any form of stress/stimulus placed on the body that can be managed, tracked, and scaled to achieve a time-oriented training adaptation/goal. Different ways to progressively overload : Well, if loading up the weight isn’t viable in the long run what are the alternatives you might ask? I will list a few -Decreased rest intervals, making your muscle more fatigued for the next set, uping the difficulty a notch -You can change the tempo of your lifts, you can slow down the eccentric and accelarate on the concentric. -You can increase the range of motion of the lift. -You can increase your volume, increase the number of reps on a given set or the number of sets overall. -You can increase the frequency of your training hitting muscles more times during the week. -You can watch the notebook before going to the gym, truste me that shit makes you weak. These are only a few of the ways you can progressively overload in the gym to achieve a desired training adaptation or goal. At the end of the day, there is no one-size-fits-all way of considering and using progressive overload.
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