CHEST and TRICEPS Workout at HOME: Build Lean Mass – 2020

The second day of the 4-day split focuses on building the Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps. Follow along for the rest of the routine! CHEST, SHOULDERS, AND TRICEPS ROUTINE – DAY 2 (BUILDING LEAN MASS FROM HOME) – 5 Mins Warmup – ⚒Spider Plank x High Pushups – 3 Sets (8-12 Reps) – ⚒Shoulder Flys x Tricep Extensions – 3 Sets (8-12 Reps) – ⚒Archer x Neutral Pushups – 3 Sets (8-12 Reps) – ⚒Floor Flys x Close-Grip Press – 3 Sets (8-12 Reps) – ⚒Floor Press x Tate Press – 3 Sets (8-12 Reps) – ⚒Staggered x Diamond Pushups – 3 Sets (8-12 Reps) – Rest Time: 1 minute between sets unless otherwise stated LIKE, SHARE, SAVE AND TRY IT OUT! – Day 1 – Back and Biceps
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