With gyms closed, there are a few things we don’t miss; these common gym stereotypes being at the front. Here, I’m going to cover some of the most common gym stereotypes that I’m sure we have all seen at our local gyms.

The first gym stereotype up is known as The Hurt Locker. When he’s around, dumbbells will be flying around like shrapnel as if a bomb went off in the middle of the gym. Keep your head on a swivel!

The right music makes any workout better, but when you’ve got karaoke in the curl rack singing like he’s on Gym Floor Idol, this is one gym fail that’s going to bother everyone’s eardrums.

Arguably one of the more annoying gym goers is the guy who follows you everywhere to tell you an irrelevant story. Don’t make the mistake of being this guy in the gym

We all know the Undercover Abs Agent, the one who will use any covert excuse to lift his shirt to show off his abs in an attempt to woo any nearby females. This is a gym mistake that’s not going to impress anybody.

While endurance is an important aspect of fitness, there is one workout stereotype that goes overboard. The Endless Endurance guy will hog the treadmill for over an hour while you kill time with the free weights.

We definitely don’t miss people making this bodybuilding mistake; the Spot Bro is one of those guys in the gym that asks for a spot on every single exercise, even kickbacks!

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Speaking of spotting, there is one gym stereotype that can ruin any workout and that’s the horrible spotter. He pulls the weight early, leaves you under the bar, and yells nonsense and obscenities with each set.

This video will cover the rest of the common gym stereotypes that we don’t miss. Remember, if you think you might fall into one of these categories, there is time to fix your gym mistakes while the gyms are still closed. If you are looking for a workout program to help you get in the best shape of your life at the gym OR at home, then click the link below to find the right training program for you.

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43 thoughts on “Gym Stereotypes You DON’T Miss (GYM’S CLOSED!)”
    1. No joke there’s a guy at my gym that sits on the bench for like half an hour then does 1 rep
      Dude is swole af but damn bro im not even exaggerating like 30min rest between 1 rep sets

    1. Uvuvuevuevue Enyetuenuevue Ugwemugbem Osas I’m not a stinking rotten copycat, I give full credit to the first person who came up with the joke, am I not allowed to carry on with the joke to entertain others? You’re accusing me of not having a brain yet you’re attacking me over something you don’t know the full details of. Lighten up mate

    1. What are you supposed to do if there is already weights in the wrong spot, it’s not my job to arrange the rest of the rack like I have OCD. So I have to contribute to what some others already started with the stuff in the wrong place.

    1. @Half Asian Definitely. A guy running that long for that fast is either (a) in a private gym with other professional runners or (b) running outside, because dudes who run that fast for that long are not in gyms with everyone else. That guy looked like he was going faster than 12 miles/hr (for a training run!)

  1. I got some more for you:

    – The one giving advice to everyone on HOW to do it the right way
    – The one trying out the weights you just used, to show you he’s strong
    -The one shadowboxing in the middle of the gym
    – The girl in sexy tights and a bottle of water just walking around the gym
    -The one just sitting 15 mins on a machine watching others
    -The one doing a hilarious new move to impress
    -The one not wiping off his sweat from the bench you need to use

    1. @Дмитрий Драгунов well. when it comes to boxing, I can understand fr.
      but how about kicks? you’re doing your leg work and then think you should do some kicks too to get that burn?

      I would love to see a boxing bag or a gymnastics area in my gym. or both

    2. @test You left off a big one, the heavy texter. I should not be staring at you waiting for you to finish on the equipment while you are texting between and after your sets.

    3. “The one trying out the weight you just used to show you he’s strong” – My favorite part is when he has to take weight off. Or when he offers to carry a box I’m not struggling with, keeps insisting, then has to hand it back after five seconds.

  2. Funniest thing i have encountered is ”the curling squad” so there’s this noob squad of about 5-7 people, all are young and skinny, but there’s one pf them who looks much more confident. It is the curl squad leader. His body looks just like everybody elses except for a pair of massive fucking biceps. So he leads his pack into the free weights room. They all pick up dumbells and line up infront of the mirror, curling for about 45 min then they leave.

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