Let's burn some calories and MELT some FAT with this at home 10 min hiit cardio workout. SPEED EDITION!! As always, I will be working out along with you as your virtual trainer, to not only show you each of these exercises, but to also push you to keep going! Don't quit on me!

If you need to take an extra rest break, or drink some water, feel free to pause the video, and pick back up where you left off. Eventually you will get to the point where you can push your self to finishing the entire 10 minute session for the gains! IF YOU STAY CONSISTENT!

There will be 50 seconds on and 10 seconds off. 10 different exercises! No repeating movements[with the exception of jumping jacks! Whether your goal is to lose weight, get shredded, or build muscle you can benefit from this video!

This workout will get you sweating more than ever within just a few minutes of it beginning. Make sure you bring water, and maybe a towel if you're at home on a hardwood floor surface!
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