The CHEAPEST and Most Effective Workout Equipment(MUSCLE BUILDER)

LET'S BUILD MUSCLE without breaking our pockets..
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We don't have to go broke to stay in shape. There are really no excuse not to take care of yourself. Everyone doesn't necessarily have to go for a huge muscular look. However working your muscles for functional strength should be your goal.

In this video we will discuss the ways you can still workout but not break the bank on purchases a lot of expensive equipment. We're talking cheap prices for quality muscle gains! I'll show you how to use resistance bands and dumbbells to maximize your gain potential!

16 thoughts on “The CHEAPEST and Most Effective Workout Equipment(MUSCLE BUILDER)

  1. Ÿãhłøńg Jæåłė says:

    I’ve been following you for a while but i have chicken calves and they just refused to grow… do i grow them?

  2. Goku1202 says:

    Bully Juice is the most inspired and motivated man. He thinks about everybody and I mean everybody. Can’t tell this man he hasn’t helped you because as he said ELIMINATE EXCUSES.

  3. MAGAIVERFBI says:

    I man I think of you as a friend to me because I am doing alone this exercises and you are there to so me how I can do it thanks man you have helped a lot of people!!

  4. Zero Cool says:

    Nice Video and some new exercises with resistance bands i could not imagine.

    Can you please do some new follow along resistance bands Workouts?

    Please upvote so he see it. Thank you for all youre content.

  5. Iván Ibarra says:

    I didn’t believe in the power of resistance bands. I got a set and you can train pretty much every muscle with it. Plus you can do the same excercises that you can do with free weights or machines.

  6. Jeffrey Duke says:

    Would love a resistence band dumbbell combo routine..those are the only two equiptment I own lol ..on day 4 of 30 day dumbbell challenge..combining the resistence band 30 min routine twice per week

    • Rohan Patel says:

      how were the gains? I’m skinny fat and I start one of his 30-day challenges yesterday. could you see any difference after the 30 days

  7. Ra's al Rešid says:

    Thanks for this workout Bully. I hope I will lose some fat before summer. Im doing these short workouts every other day and I think Im eating properly. Ever since I got meal plan from Next Level Diet Im losing on weight and mostly fat as I can see.

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