Free Weights Vs Resistance Bands to Build Muscle | James Grage

Resistance Bands are known for their convenience and portability but how do they compare to free weights when it comes to real muscle building results?
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James Grage is a fitness expert that trains exclusively with resistance bands and in this video he does a side comparison of resistance bands vs free weights, covering the following topics.

| Free Weights Vs Resistance Bands |
1. Can resistance bands get the same results as weights? (0:35)
2. Progressive Resistance as it relates to Progressive Overload (0:55)
3. Which resistance bands does James Grage use? (1:49)
4. Variable Speed of reps (time under tension) (2:31)
5. Training Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers with resistance bands (3:28)
6. Free Range of Movement with resistance bands (3:46)
7. Mechanical Tension of weights vs resistance bands (4:26)
8. Linear Variable Resistance (LVR) with bands (5:22)
9. Resistance in Multiple Planes with resistance bands (8:00)
10. Constant Tension with Resistance Bands (9:47)
11. Freedom to Train Anywhere and Anytime with Resistance Bands (11:16)
12. Comparing cost of gym membership to resistance bands (11:54)

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22 thoughts on “Free Weights Vs Resistance Bands to Build Muscle | James Grage

  1. dennis craig says:

    Add resistance bands to your weights. Get your preacher chair and face it to a cornor were you can stretch a band around and put band in middle curl bar then curl. Makes the negative movement tougher. Cause thats were you get your tear anyways is your negatives. I hope that came out right lol

  2. Brad Suarez says:

    Somewhere around the two minute mark I started feeling like I was watching a commercial, sure enough there’s a link to James Grage’s resistance bands in the description.

    • Andy Davies says:

      If you can’t understand the logic of what he’s saying, then it’s your own loss. Resistance bands give me a much better workout and pump than I ever got in the gym, and I can travel with them.
      If i was in his position I would develop my own resistance bands and sell them too, why let another company profit from your hard work when making a good video?

  3. ManCheese · 20 years ago says:

    Resistance bands are not to be shrugged off, with bands that go up to 200 lbs of resistance you could easily overlap 3 of them and hit 600 lbs. Hell you could always tie or grab the bands differently to create a shorter distance that will give you the lock out resistance at the beginning of the lift.

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