Not growing and putting on muscle as fast as you want?

Last night I went on a tangent about why I think most people have it wrong when it comes to building muscle. I go into more detail on the video but essentially it’s the fact that most people don’t focus enough on getting the muscles they are targeting to fire to move they weight, they simply just move the weight…

Let me know what you think in the comments below and the video you want next!

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55 thoughts on “BUILD MUSCLE FASTER (Not How You Think!)

  1. turk turklington says:

    Ryan, throw a couple ads in your videos bro, you deserve a bit of cash back from some revenue for your efforts man.

    Other than this, awesome video as I have severe issues with targeting certain muscles which are lagging like hell and ruining my physique.

    • turk turklington says:

      I also think that no ads is great and the zero bullshit approach is fantastic. What I also think is that Ryan is putting out quality information completely free, I’d have zero issues with a quick ad in his videos. People need to get paid, that’s life and having 30 seconds out my day to let an advert pass is no drama for me if it means he can make a quick buck in return for his information and advice.

      Life is swings and roundabouts, you give to get in this day and age.

    • FitLabb says:

      Blackwing Visuals Thank you for explaining further and for your kind apology. I wasn’t insulted, just didn’t necessarily understand or agree what you meant by me having skin in the game, since I do not have any money invested in the nutrition field nor money that I can personally gain from it by anything that I can personally do, as I’m not a nutrition professional.
      I am very sorry to hear about your Mom’s case, and I now understand your perspective. I agree that government agencies don’t always get everything right, and we see these nutrition rules & recommendations change just about every year here in the US as well. I will say that I think they have it pretty well figured out by now and I tend to agree with the current published recommendations, but that’s not the point. In your Mom’s case, that is very unfortunate that it seems she was failed by an imperfect system, and a doctor who may have totally missed the mark by simply wanting to push more medications on her rather than truly educate her on why she has diabetes in the first place and how she might be able to treat it or recover from the disease by simply changing her diet and losing weight. You and I both recognize that there are good doctors as well as bad ones out there. Unfortunately many doctors aren’t fitness or nutrition professionals and often don’t know enough about those topics to give the best advice either. I truly hope that your Mom can find someone who will tell her the honest truth and help her get healthy once and for all before it’s too late. I’m always happy to talk with you off this forum as well if you ever want to, as I can tell you’re a great guy who just wants the best for yourself and your Mother, and perhaps I can help in some way…..?
      PS: What you refer to as “real diabetics” are called Type 1 Diabetics who are typically born that way. Type 2 diabetes is just as real as Type 1, but it occurs for different reasons, with the 2 biggest causes being obesity and a poor diet full of too much sugary foods…..unfortunately obesity is all too common these days with most of the population being at least overweight, which is further reason why the topic of nutrition is so important to be handled properly by people who are truly qualified to be dispensing that information.
      Happy to chat more anytime if you’d like. I appreciate the positive dialogue we’ve had.

    • Left Winger says:

      @Blackwing Visuals and @fitlab: My sincere compliments for the way you communicate. Mature, intelligent and respectful. I have read your conversation with great attention. Thanks to both of you!!

    • Michael Hawn says:

      @issvor it’s important because the greater the neurological efficiency in your muscle the better it is on recovery and the ability to recruit muscle fibers to perform work. You develope it by using your sense of touch and mental imagery. That is, for example, your lats. First find your lat with your hand. Then as you are touching it perform contractions or movements that require that muscle to tense. Hold it and get a feel of what it takes to make muscle contract. On a lift focus on the image of your lat contracting as you do the lat exercise. Making sure it is the muscle doing the work and not other muscle compensating. The result is you working the lat in a more focused controlled way that causes it to fire while excluding other muscle giving you a more effective and target workout.

  2. bepisbenis says:

    I pay attention to “am I getting the contraction I’m aiming for?” much more now. People waste so much time trying to just sling weight and they miss the point of the different exercises. Just over the past month I’ve seen incredible change and growth like I haven’t before. Thank you.

  3. kazanovian says:

    These days we see a trend on YouTube with so called experts claiming to provide scientific advise…nothing wrong with that but ultimately what you need is honest and practical on the ground experience based suggestions and @Ryan my man you do it the best! Keep it up…

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