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    • Maka Why says:

      @Morceso898 Gaming. Bro your meal and workout routine are solely gonna depend on what you wanna make out of your health and body shape.
      If you wanna lean and shred, you’re definitely gonna be doing and eating differently with someone that wanna bulk.
      Again, diets are solely dependent on the availability and price of stuffs in your locality.
      Also don’t put too much pressure on yourself because of the results of the next guys. Always know that body goals result will differ based on body genetics. I wish you the best in your fitness journey bro.

  1. Bobby Bobby says:

    Hi bully juice thanks to your vids I’ve been able to put on 10 lbs in 2 months because I’m bulking for football season. Thank you bro I’m getting ready for tha next 10 lbs!!!

  2. Rodel Ruiz says:

    Ive been doing all of your non weight exercises. Man! its changed me mentally and physically! My daughter and son said that im a 43 year old BEAST! Thanks for the motivation over the last 2 years!

  3. renzel khamacho says:

    Bully I just find myself watching and re-watching your videos all day long, i’m a huge fan and I plan to hit the weights pretty soon, your content is inspiring bro, keep it up!

  4. Joe Wyad says:

    Hey bully I am 14 and I’ve Just started your exercise videos I’m excited to see my changes in appearance oh and by the way are whole wheat pita wraps ok to eat with other food

  5. Brownie101abc says:

    I’ve been doing your workouts for about 2 months and I’ve always been generally fit and toned but this has definitely helped more.
    My question is, will adding more reps help with bulking? I don’t have weights at home but I want to keep doing your videos

  6. LongviewGarage says:

    You want steak? I’ll come over with my charcoal grill, been perfecting reverse sear steak. Gonna smoke some pork butt, chicken and ribs this weekend.

  7. KeKe Washington says:

    I found you during this Quarantine time about 2 months ago and have lost weight using your videos…thank you for getting straight to the point and showing your personal life in a classy way (not too much not too little) Welcome to Texas! #newsubbie

  8. Maka Why says:

    When you acquired your house, I knew very well that we will be seeing more of food preps because the kitchen is dope and specious.
    Nice content for those that are in for bulking. As for me, I represent lean and shred.
    Keep growing man. A million subs are around the corner already. Congrats in advance

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