60 Day At Home Workout Plan(No Equipment)

60 DAY WORKOUT PLAN: https://bit.ly/3hYrlVz

CLICK HERE FOR MORE: https://linktr.ee/Bullyjuice

HERE IS THE FIRST FULL BODY 60 day At home workout program to help you guys accomplish your fitness goals! There are no excuses, lets get to the gains! There will be a dedicated workout for each muscle group daily!

You're only rest days will be ACTIVE RECOVERY DAYS! Super excited to see you all transformation results. Use this workout plan as well as the last few plans I've put together on this channel to help achieve your fitness goals!

DAILY DIET GUIDE: https://bit.ly/3qwI9ok

If you want to try it before you download it? Check out the first 7 days of this challenge below!


1st: https://youtu.be/laaAeypZQ_0
2nd: https://youtu.be/7ODJboTuANY

1st: https://youtu.be/537CiUBg0UY
2nd: https://youtu.be/YA83aWZageg

1st: https://youtu.be/O6r6MKZaEmM
2nd: https://youtu.be/ldrG5GTgF_0

1st: https://youtu.be/uTo2m16eJqI
2nd: https://youtu.be/BQAtwmaXbzM

1st: https://youtu.be/N2ZUhaCdzqQ
2nd: https://youtu.be/6z49XS7ohGo

1st: https://youtu.be/XNgP5HsjcbE
2nd: https://youtu.be/Y2S-a_2VPSI

1st: https://youtu.be/iID3FgaKNE0
2nd: https://youtu.be/AAyW-CRr-sk

5 MIN: https://youtu.be/yyCkO-UtBFM
5 MIN MORN: https://youtu.be/ZtNAGrM1gMM

10 MIN: https://youtu.be/BKfGWNTssCY
20 MIN: https://youtu.be/c1mdorMppH4
Mobility: https://youtu.be/epwx_l4F0lM


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22 thoughts on “60 Day At Home Workout Plan(No Equipment)

    • balling central says:

      @Just Some Guy my legs chest back and arms got bigger than i expected im having a hard time losing my lower stomach fat so i do the 10 min jump rope workout by him 4 times a day but my results were pretty good except for lower ab fat but as a 14 yr old I have a lot of time to lose that not to mention I got a chest gap too hope this helps.

    • balling central says:

      @Just Some Guy also didnt change much in my diet just cut out sugar not completly though but i am going to try and change it around for these next 60 days and I get 5 min cold showers every night

  1. Skilled Anchor says:

    Hey BullyJuice, can you make a video about finances, your journey from highschool and how you made it to be so successful? I’m a higschooler and going to college pretty soon, but I dont see how it’s a great investment. I’m just curious because I see how successful you are, and I dont want to retire at 60 with less money than I had when I was working, wasting my life in my opinion. I intend to build passive income so as not to rely on work income, although I’ll get a job and a degree if I need to. I would like to be free of economic chains and turn money into economic reins that I hold and guide myself in any direction. Thanks you rock, stay humble

    • BullyJuice says:

      I’m actually in the process of writing a book about all of those things Fam! And I will def let you know!

  2. Radagast-2013 says:

    I’m on my 10th attempt of the 45-day workout… I’ll finish that and give this a go. No promises that I’ll do it in 60 days, though – I’m currently working out 5 days a week and that seems to work well.

    Happy New Year, everyone!

    • Tarreemha Caruso says:

      I do 6-7 days. I’ve been sloppy with my diet over the holidays. I’ll be better in a couple of days once the office temptations go away

    • Radagast-2013 says:

      @TheKingNick I started to use the 45-day Challenge as my regular workout regime, but got a couple of minor injuries towards the end of the 2nd attempt. I’m 55 and injuries take longer to heal, so I had to tone it down! Thanks for your good thoughts… Forza!

    • Radagast-2013 says:

      @BullyJuice Massive thanks to you!.. The 45-day Challenge is a really well-balanced regime: it’s given me a really nice shape.

  3. MAGAIVERFBI says:

    My man. Firstly happy new years and I got a question I have done 2 other programs but I have never completed them because of an injury. If I have an accident and I can’t complete the workout then what am I going to do?

    • BullyJuice says:

      Your well being comes first fam. If you have an injury. Rest up. Take ice baths. Drink your water. Eat your food. Heal!

  4. InStrong Workout says:

    Best luck to everyone in 2023! Thank you Billy for your workouts! Thanks to influencers like you I finally started working on my body and even started to help others by making home workouts!
    Hope 2023 will be tme most productive year ever!

  5. destined_to_begreat says:

    Man I’ve been trying to find out a schedule for a while now to get my journey started. I think I’ve found it. Big ups to you bro

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