Follow along with Chris Heria for a quick and effective 6 minute leg workout.

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  1. CS MASTERY says:

    I’ve been following your 20 minute leg workout consistently, and I’ve just tried the gym (squats) for the first time today and my friend was positively surprised about the effectiveness of bodyweight training.

  2. Светльо bgplaer says:

    Hi Chris. Thank you for inspiring me to keep pushing myself and improve my skills.

  3. Officialfitnesshero says:

    1:07 Crab walks
    2:13 Deadlifts
    3:15 Squat calf raises
    4:15 Squat jumps
    5:15 Switching lunges
    6:15 Glute bridge

  4. Aradhya says:

    Its night over here, i was about to warm them legs for a workout and you dropped it . I love how effective it is for so short amount of time. Much love bro❤ Peace out

  5. Your Daily Laugh says:

    Chris always comes in with these videos at the right time! Making my dream physique into a reality because of you man, can’t thank you enough!

  6. Parth Chanchlani says:

    1:10 Crab walks (45 sec on 15 sec rest)
    2:15 Deadlifts (45 sec on 15 sec rest)
    3:15 Squat calf raises (45 sec on 15 sec rest)
    4:15 Squat jumps (45 sec on 15 sec rest)
    5:15 Switching lunges(45 sec on 15 sec rest)
    6:15 Glute bridges (45 sec on 15 sec rest)
    3-4 rounds with 5 min rest in between rounds

  7. Elapsed ! says:

    Been applying 100 push-ups every morning to my daily routines for the past 3 weeks and I’m already seeing results! Thank u so much for your videos

  8. UltraCloudX says:

    Sweeeet thanks for this! Iunno if this is overkill but ive been using these short 10-20min videos as “warmups” for my workouts at the gym before the rest of the routine. Usually stay til almost 2 hours but i feel super fit after that day. Going to be adding this to the rotation indeed

  9. Christopher Anderson says:

    You do the most amazing workout you can do anywhere and they are always different never get boring. I’m really looking forward to doing this routine big respect and keep the great workouts coming thank you

  10. InStrong Workout says:

    Amazing workout bro! Thanks to your home workout routines I started working on my body and even trying to make my own workout guides because I wanna help people like you do, Thank u so much for this motivation! Keep it up man!

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