Balance and proportion are two massive components of aesthetics. Any good structural plan begins and ends with the foundation in mind. Skipping leg day is like trying to build a skyscraper on sand. Who would do that? So please to avoid being blown off the face of the earth and train your legs

Understand that genetics plays a large role on your overall aesthetic. From strengths and weaknesses to muscle insertions and metabolic capacities, we all have a different make up and as such will need to do things slightly differently.

So here are some things to keep in mind to create a more balanced, well rounded physique:

#1 Prioritise Weak Points
Balance and proportion are critical for aesthetics It can be very easy to stick to our strengths for that good old ego stroking, however that only creates further imbalances. If you truly want to create balance, your training should reflect your current physique.

For example, if your calves are a weak point, you’ll firstly want to TRAIN them. As it can be easy to turn a blind eye to these weak points, you want to keep yourself truly accountable

Secondly, you want to prioritise them in your training. So when you hit legs, it would be best to begin with calves when you have more gas in the tank and energy to put into your exercises

#2 Identify Postural Issues
These can be a large contributing factor to major imbalances. When you have postural imbalances, it’s usually due to one or a few muscles being over active and therefore right, and a antagonistic muscle being weak. Therefore, improving your posture relies on strengthening these weaker muscles and releasing the tension of the tighter muscles!

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So if there’s one thing you could do right now to drastically improve your aesthetic it would be to focus on correcting your postural imbalances. Build a strong foundation and everything else will prosper!

Also, if you have postural imbalances (rounded shoulders for example) it will be quite tough to get a solid contraction within certain muscle groups. Thus causing you to overcompensate with other muscles, which leads you to creating further imbalances and possibly even encounter injury

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23 thoughts on “How to Fix Muscle Imbalances”
  1. This is why I love starting off and mastering body weight exercises, many of the movements and range of motions require symmetry or at least isolation mastery. Calisthenics ain’t no joke!

  2. Another very informative and entertaining video Fraser. As you know, I have been following you for ages now and it is so evident that you have made some massive muscle gains over that time period, and your vascular definition is incredible. You really know of what you speak and, you are sculpting an incredibly muscular and aesthetic physique. You must be frustrated with the gym closures but as seen from your outdoor workouts, you have not let that deter you. Hope that we are all able to return to the gyms soon and I hope you are not losing too much muscle mass in the meantime . Cheers.

  3. Fraser has been my friend an I’s motivation to step out of our comfort zone and run a half marathon we are vlogging daily. join us on our journey to half marathon.

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