If you want to know the secret to attaining an impressive mid section in a short amount of time, I’ve got bad news for you, it doesn’t exist. Anything worth while will require sacrifice, patience and persistence

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There are 3 things you will need to nail down if you are looking to create an impressive midsection for yourself.

Firstly, understand that your nutrition will have the largest contribution to your body composition. In order to see your abs, you will need to be at a low enough body fat % for them to shine through. It doesn't matter if you do 1,000 crunches a day unless you understand that you need to be tackling the nutritional side of things as well. It takes two to tango and your nutrition should never be overlooked

Secondly, Training! A lot of people believe that abs are made in the kitchen. However, this isn't entirely true. A more accurate description would be that your abs are MADE in the gym and REVEALED in the kitchen. Sure you could create a slightly defined midsection with minimal training as long as your body fat % is low enough. But, in order to develop a truly impressive midsection you will need to be approaching it from all angles. The anatomy of your midsection is far more complex than just the commonly referred to six-pack. And in order to develop these areas, you will want to directly focus on them.

Last, but not least, you will need to be CONSISTENT. Consistency is the name of the game. Achieving solid results all comes down to the consistent application of effort in an intelligent fashion. That's it. Work smart enough, for long enough and the results will be yours.

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  1. Nino says:

    Was just about to do one of your workouts and then i saw u uploaded a new one. Been doing your workouts for about a year now and actually have a visible six pack! Thanks Fraser❤️❤️

  2. B34R Really says:

    He should start doing 15 min vids with 5 min warm up and stretch so those scissor kicks are more elastic for me lol

  3. Alp Alparslan says:

    Been getting amazing abs with this bro’s vids. Do it at least 3-4 times a week you’ll see it regardless

  4. Sam Greenhalgh says:

    Been doing workouts since July never looked back! Always been my go to, thank you and keep up the work legend!

  5. Broperfect XP says:

    Literally abs shape are genetics nobody can get perfect abs unless you were born with them They’re based on body fat these exercises probably will help build them.

  6. Meghansh says:

    Hey Fraser! You’re doing a great work so far.
    But what about a full body workout (with equipments) series?? It would definitely put the you tube on fire!

  7. Caitlyn Scelfo says:

    When you perform the reverse crunch, what part of the abs/core are you primarily focused on squeezing/contracting? Upper abs, lower?

    Really have enjoyed following your stuff.

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