Lets BURN SOME FAT while moving some MUSCLES! And don't worry, NO JUMPING! This workout is easy on the joints! After weeks and months of beating our bodies up building muscle, sometimes we need a active recovery break. Don't just sit on the couch and do nothing though, keep your muscles moving!
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  1. Awesome! Thank you! You always have the best music, too! Love no commentary so I can watch, focus on doing the moves correctly, and make a mind body connection. ❤from Canada

  2. *Billy became like a big brother for 1.9m people. Amazing motivation and a nice example how to work on yourself. Started watching you accidantly and you really changed my life not only by creating all these beautiful videos but even by motivating me to start the workout channel on YouTube to help people like you helped me to change my life. Best wishes from Ukraine you are amazing man!*

  3. hello sir, can you please make a video on how to make both arms equally strong or some unilateral exercise to make arms equally strong coz it’s been 3 months that i am doing your 30 day workout challenge and they are very helpful but my left arm is very weak compare to my right arm and it is affecting those workout when i do pike or normal push … ex I can do 15 loaded right arm push up but barely 8 loaded pushup with my left arm… please sir make a video about it how to fix it… THANK YOU so much for you 30 day workouts they are the best i am seeing good results

  4. OMG YES! I have been waiting for this type of workout from YOU! PLEASE make more of these. Thank you so much!

  5. These low impact jawns are always great. My lower leg is held together with a bunch of rods and pins and I have very limited movement in my knee. I still rotate the old videos. Its nice to have variation.

  6. this man is a legend, me and my bros do your workouts almost every day for one year now,im sharing this workout rn

  7. Thanks so much for this video. This is a perfect low impact workout to do in the evening and get those steps in.

  8. Bully, you have workouts for all of the moods and days, so I never have a pretext, thank you!!

  9. Life saver right here! Recovering from a broken wrist so anything from a plank position is out of the question. Been trying to substitute in other workouts but it gets tiring. This is awesome.

  10. Thank you very much bro to these nice workouts…My prayer is to make I one day just like you bro.

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