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  1. Willy P says:

    I know you “lost gains” but I rather have your metabolism. Because if I don’t do a lot cardio I gain weight fast even if I eat clean. If I dont lift or exercise, I gain weight even if eat clean. Having a metabolism where you can just eat seems great to someone who have to eat clean constantly, do cardio and even practice intermittent fasting

  2. Taiwo Awoleye says:

    When i first started working out i get sore almost everytime and I’m 17 now and everytime i workout i don’t really get sore anymore, am i doing something wrong,I do only bodyweight exercises
    Please reply

    • BjBlowers says:

      Taiwo Awoleye being sore doesn’t necessarily mean that u haven’t worked ur muscles properly, it just means that ur muscles are getting stronger and used to it, changing up ur workouts and working at a higher intensity is a good idea and u will always get a lil bit sore when making changes but it’s not the be all and end all my upper body hardly gets sore and i’m still slowly getting my gains

      also DOMS isn’t a good indicator of a good workout as it shows u didn’t fully warm down after working

      hope that helps

  3. Life Lessons says:

    I appreciate the fact that you’re sharing your journey of getting back to working out man. Its videos like this that continue to inspire alot of people to get physically fit, myself included.
    Yea, you definitely have to have some variety with the breakfast, otherwise, you’ll end up getting tired of it altogether and skip it….
    and man, I love me some grits….I eat oatmeal as well, but its something about them grits that has me saying….DAMN these grits are good…lol
    is that 5 egg yolks? If so, I’ve gotta up my intake. I’m at 4 right now, but I think I’ve gotten used to eating that many already.
    and that bacon is looking good too…. aww man, I thought it was the regular bacon….
    and you should try the grits with some butter and perhaps a half a tablespoon of sugar in them….
    gotta have an even balance of water in the grits, otherwise they will come out hard like rocks, or you’ll end up with porridge soup which is worse..
    My daily breakfast is : 4 eggs (scrambled or fried hard), 2 hash browns, 3 packets of oatmeal or a big bowl of grits, and a stir-fry mix of (onions, peppers, mushrooms, and turkey sausage),
    for protein powder, you can get the same quality as you would from Costco for nearly half of the price. I bought some for $46, and it has lasted me for almost 4+ months…. each scoop gives 24grams of protein, and I take two scoops minimum.
    I wish I could go the gym, but a lot of the gyms here in North Carolina are still closed due to the covid…so I’ve had to do workouts with no equipment….but its not the same at all. I be using your workout videos without equipment though, and they are definitely helpful
    btw, nice house…i like the spiral staircase in the background.
    and fyi, the mask reduces the amount of oxygen you’re taking in, and also you breathing in your own carbon dioxide (CO2) when you have the mask on, which will naturally reduce your oxygen (O2) levels. That is what makes it difficult to breath.
    Best analogy would be, to imagine working out in outer space with one oxygen supply tank, and you’re trying to ration how much you use so that you don’t run out.
    Please continue to post more videos man!

  4. Cristobal Saldivar says:

    You are the best on Youtube, greetings from Chile, South America. You have helped me a lot to start moving my body. Thank you very much!

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