The obliques are an absolute must when it comes to developing an aesthetic physique. The obliques are a multifunctional muscle, they act to pull the chest downwards and compress the abdominal cavity, as well as performing side bending and opposing side rotation.

Overall, you can’t skimp on your obliques for aesthetic and performance, and the best way to ensure that you stay on track is to keep your workouts fresh & challenging.

However if you’re trying to attain defines and sculpted abs, there’s one particular area you will need to nail down. Your training will play a large role in developing thickness within your abs, but when it comes down to it, your nutrition will be essential if you want to attain visible abs and keep them all year round.

All too often, people will do Ab exercise after Ab exercise, with the aim to burn belly fat. All because they read in some magazine that if you do these 3-4 exercises daily that they will burn belly fat. So they go workout and focus on these “belly fat burning exercises” without ever paying attention to what they are putting into their bodies.

Understand that training is a very small component of daily health. There’s only so much you can do in a daily workout. It’s what happens the other 22 hours that needs to be accounted for… And if you’re shooting for vitality and optimal performance, you will need to take full consideration of what you eat on a daily basis.

This video is full length which means you can just follow along with whatever I'm doing. If you need extra rest, just pause the video. If you don't need a rest – watch it the whole way through.

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You can hit this home workout 2-3x per week – and if you wanted to keep active on your other days – be sure to check out my other workouts!

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  1. I just wanna say man that I’ve been doing all your ab workout videos and within a month I went from virtually no ab definition to a defined six pack. Your channels the best man I owe it all to you

  2. Bro I think you need to hard work on body improvement
    What about the editing
    Your camera is nice
    I like it
    But plz change the songs
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