On today's video I take you through a bit of my home gym set-up which didn't go entirely to plan and update you on the 2020 physique!

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  1. Stay safe take care your the best . Love from California. Happy holidays

    Is he hearts this it will make my day

  2. One thing about him which I like is that he is humble in nature. He keeps liking his fan’s comment even though reaching 1 million. On the other hand some YouTubers become so mean after hitting 1 million that they don’t care to read the comments also. Fraser be humble like this always. And your exercises are really effective. Thank you for your support

  3. You have single handed inspired me to get me shiii togther and take control of my health and well being

  4. Yo! Love these type of videos man! I would love to see the whole gym set up when your finished!

  5. The Best personal Trainer on YouTube and my Cousin is a Personal Trainer called Pavlos Savva and is the racing champion Muscle Model category

  6. Next time u do the same mistake with the rubber things u can heat them a bit with hot water and it will loosen up… it will go to its original size after so don’t worry. I hope u see this cuz it helps a lot

  7. The way you nonchalantly wave around that kitchen knife while opening boxes at 6:40… I’m shook! Be careful, my friend lol

  8. I actually feel so happy for him for his progress and for his subscribers and I just want to thank you frasor for all the effective exercises that you provided us and helped us reach our goal 🙂

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