5 Tricks That Will Instantly Improve Your Workout Results

Maximise your efforts in the gym with these 5 Tricks that will instantly improve your workout results!

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14 thoughts on “5 Tricks That Will Instantly Improve Your Workout Results

  1. tlou2 EJ says:

    For the preworkout routine that wouldn’t really help because i do full body every workout so if i do a pre workout to quads quads are the last muscle i target in my workout so the pump and blood would have already been “removed” and i workout early in the morning but i’ll still manage to so these things maybe i’ll se if i can tomorrow if i can’t ill have to workout later

  2. Jaishree Nidgundi says:

    I enjoy doing fitness with your video I was 90 kg now I am 66kg by seeing your video tq you so much

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