5 Best Supplements to Build Muscle Faster

5 Supplements you should consider to speed up your muscle building and fat burning process.

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Creatine: https://bit.ly/3af9jrq
Protein Powder: https://bit.ly/3adObS2
Oxy Shred Fat Burner: https://bit.ly/3d4rC47
Pride Pre-Workout: https://bit.ly/37b1dOy

Before you begin considering supplementation, you need to stop and ask yourself if your training & nutrition is where it needs to be in order to get results. It can be easy to view supplements as a prerequisite to progress. However, if you’re adding a post workout shake after a 30 minute workout that consisted of a 15 minute brisk walk and a 15 minute chat with your buddies, then you couldn’t possibly expect to see any substantial progress

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17 thoughts on “5 Best Supplements to Build Muscle Faster

  1. TheAngeloGT says:

    Men, you are great, and so fun, by the way, can do you a video about you calves transfomation?, because you’re a inspiration for train!!! :·3

  2. Itzvihaan says:

    Could you please explain the drawbacks of pre workout, as I haven’t tried it yet but I’m thinking about it.

  3. Sufyan Khan Fitness says:

    I’ve been practicing bodyweight training for 7 years. But I haven’t used any supplements till now. I want to use them but they are very expensive in our country. I’m from Pakistan.

  4. zingy zucchini says:

    O my god I was literally just looking for the best supplement for building muscle on YouTube yesterday and then u made this video

  5. Big boy pants says:

    Hey man you were talking about the negative affects off pre workout, besides the crash is there anything else? Also I don’t have too much money so what would be the number one supplement you’d recommend?

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