Full body workouts can be a great option for those of you who are short on time or are on holiday and are looking to maximise your time spent within the gym! While full body workouts can be effective long term, it’s important to keep in mind that no one program is going to be suitable for everyone. We all have different goals, circumstances and preferences.

Some of us like to workout more often others less, some of us are training purely for performance benefits and others maybe have a more aesthetic goal in mind.

As such your training split should always be engineered for your life, ultimately creating a pathway to your goal that you will actually enjoy walking!

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  1. Adan simple says:

    It’s cool that you are more and more active always at the top guy continues as his I have been following you for 3 years

  2. Genside says:

    I don’t know if this is a good idea, but can you make a video to warm up before a workout? It’s a very important step for a healthy workout and many people (include me) don’t really know how to do that correctly.

    • Vedant Bidwe says:

      @Aun Syed True, the 5 minute warm up is perfect, tho I feel it’s more focused on workouts with equipment, I think for bodyweight workouts, Fraser, if he puts his mind to it, I feel can create something even better.

  3. Master Man says:

    Awesome video as always, thanks Fraser. Did these workouts get you ripped or did you hit the gym with weights because I don’t believe you got the body you have now from just doing these sort of workouts but please correct me if I’m wrong! Thanks

  4. Vedant Bidwe says:

    You are a really really good person, and I think I have a really really good idea for you. Everyday before your workout I watch a 5 minute warm up, and then after the intense ones I do a 5 minute cooldown, another YouTube video, the ones with the girls. So, maybe can you do a 40 minute super workout session? With a warm up, cool down, necessary rests, and complete full body workout. I know it’s asking a lot, but everything in one place would be extremely helpful. If you can upload a vid a day, then I’m sure you can do this…

  5. Naved says:

    Respected bro can u make a video for the student’s beginner workout??
    Mostly on today’s pandemic situation maximum students are becoming fat and obese due to online classes.
    Plss bro, hope u will see this

  6. Jacob Brown says:

    I love your videos. I started to do them in the mornings. In a few months I live lost 10 lbs and look more cut.

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