Workouts at home now a days are literally a THE BEST! Some people are building home gyms, while others are learning to use their body weight to get to the gains instead! Either way, no gym membership, NO PROBLEM!
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In this video, I’m going to show you a follow a long workout you can complete with me as your at home virtual trainer within the confinements of your living room. This 30 minute workout routine will be hittng your entire body and make you drip sweat more than ever!

Whether your goal is to lose weight or build muscle, you don't necessarily ever have to step foot into a gym again. However, to be effective in accomplishing your goals, you can use this great at home workout along with many other follow along workouts on this bully juice channel to get the results you want!

This perfect home workout will not only be me showing you the exercises, what's next up, but I will also be working out with you as your virtual personal trainer to demonstrate each workout exercises as well as push you to keep going and finish! Don't give up on me!

This workout for home is going to allow you to hit your total body in only 30 minutes! You don't need an excessively long workout and potential for doing too much without any particular guidelines. This selection of exercises based on movement patterns that you can hit any and everywhere.

COMPLETE this 30 min workout 2-3 times for (TOTAL WORKOUT TIME: 60-90 MINUTES)

THIS FOLLOW ALONG WORKOUT WILL INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING EXERCISES: Jumping jacks, push up variations(wide, close, extra wide, normal), pike presses, superman, exercises fro the back, back rows, flexing holds, isometric work, squats, bunny hops, hip thrust, bridges, ab exercise like: flutter kicks, reverse crunch, normal crunches, planks, etc. list goes on! LETS GET TO IT!!


  1. Big Manny Sr says:

    I’m a Bullyverse member and glad to talk to anyone about the progress I have made and form I returned to over the last year and a half, due to your challenges and workouts! Brother Bullyjuice, you have certainly been a blessing to so many and additional inspiration. God bless you and your family!

  2. industrialistic says:

    Great video! One of your best. Any chance you could leave the next exercise previews up a bit longer in future videos? I kept looking late and missing them. I don’t need any additional excuses to slack off lol.

  3. Broly Gainz says:

    Great full body workout
    We should do a collaboration workout video. Dope content King!!!

  4. Mister Smooth Arteest says:

    Exercises for the Crew, this took 15 minutes but here you go. Your welcome.

    Jumping Jacks
    Push Ups (normal)
    Reverse Crunches
    Arm Rotations
    Pulse Squats
    Push Ups (wide)
    Superman Rows
    Flutter Kicks
    Roof Raise
    Lunge Jumps
    Push Ups (negative)
    Rear Delt Squeeze
    Standing Cross Crunch
    Pike Press (push-ups)
    Sidestep Squat
    Push Up (extra wide)
    Reach Back Superman
    Elbow Plank
    Pike Negative (push-ups)
    Sideway Bunny Hops
    Staggered Push Ups R
    Staggered Push Ups L
    Side Plank L
    Side Plank R
    Lateral Roof Raise
    Shuffle Squat
    Push Ups (close grip)
    Thumbs Up Supermans
    Ankle Taps
    Knee Sliders
    Lateral Hold
    Iso Squat Hold
    Hip Thrust
    Iso Push Up Hold
    Back Flex Hold
    Toe Touch Crunch
    Iso Pike Hold
    Squat Hops
    Offset Push Ups
    Glute Bridge Hold
    Arm Rotations
    Bunny Hop R
    Bunny Hop L
    Push Up (pulses)
    Superman Pulses
    Jumping Jacks


  5. Curt Alexander says:

    Great workout bro. You have helped me transform my body with your content. God bless you.

  6. Sal Ro says:

    Awesome workout, I just wish the name of the exercise you’re doing would stay on the screen a little longer so I wouldn’t have to rewind to check what we’re doing.

  7. Jameer Eugene says:

    Thanks for this workout bro. I hope I can lose some fat before my vacation, and maybe gain some muscle. Have been addicted to your workouts recently, and I think I am eating properly since I got a meal plan from Next Level Diet. Lost 12 lbs in last two months, I think it’s pretty good.

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