I've been back at it with the GAINS! Slowly getting size and strength back. Most importantly, I'm feeling really good and healthy! Will be discussing my diet with you all as well as my workout regimen soon. Some things i've noticed during this bulking transformation: Bigger chest, bigger shoulders, bigger legs, bigger arms, but also a bigger waist came with it! My abs aren't really popping. But that 6 pack is made in the kitchen, and obviously since my macros are a little on the surplus side, I'm okay with not being super cut. That will come in the future!

Lets keep getting the gains! More no equipment body weight workouts coming soon!

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  1. Guys, if you need motivation, read this.
    I am a teenage male, 15 years old. I was never fit, in fact I have always been overweight. During quarantine, I discovered this channel, and I stuck around since. When I started my journey at the beginning of September, I weighed around 94kg (207lbs!) and I was around 174cm (5’8″) tall. I decided that I can’t look like that. So I began working out with Bullyjuice. I started from 20 minute workouts daily, from that time I went on to increase that number. I started doing 30 minute workouts, and now I’m doing 2x20minute workouts in a row every day. I haven’t also mentioned I began eating much less. The results?
    From the beginning of September until now (25.11) I have lost 18 KILOGRAMS (39 POUNDS!), and now weigh around 76,2 kg (168 pounds) despite growing to the height of 179cm (5’10”). Conclusions? Excercise with BullyJuice daily! It’s really worth it! If you can’t do e.g. pushups, do them on your knees and gradually progress. Can’t last till the end of a cardio excercise? Take a deep breath, stop for 3 seconds, and continue! Just don’t quit!

    1. I am also same as u as u was and I am also going to change myself. I am 15 yrs old female weight 80 height 173 and hope I can also edit my comment.

  2. Bulking and food: you’ve gone clean with chicken and eggs, but when you went lower cal, how did you make-up for the calories you’ve cut out when you ditched beef?

    1. Not necessarily lowered the cals, I have to eat way more chicken to make up for not eating the beef

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