The TRUTH About Building Muscle As A Natural…IT TAKES A LONG TIME


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86 thoughts on “The TRUTH About Building Muscle As A Natural…IT TAKES A LONG TIME

  1. SuperBizalz says:

    Fake natties do skew the perception of what is achievable, but a dedicated natty is still gonna look better than 99% of the population and turn heads. …I can live with that.

    • Robert Leonard says:

      +OmarIsuf Could you put out a video of how you incorporate bodybuilding into your weightlifting regimen? I’ve been doing Oly lifting for about 8 months now and don’t feel like I know how to program in enough volume to see growth without inhibiting my Oly lifts. Thanks!

  2. Reivax Zagonlez says:

    come one everyone knows Rich Piana, Ogus, Kali Muscle they are all natural lifters damn it!! its just time and dedication to achieve those physiques! I mean wiht 8h long workouts and eating ramen you can become a god of physique. and lets not forget we can always ask Mike Chang for being lean tips and supplements

    • Fritz Gustav says:

      +OmarIsuf hey i omar I am a 15 year old who started to go to the gym like 2-3 weeks ago, and my goal is to build muscle and I thought maybe you have any tips/warnings for me?
      as a 15 year old I have actually a pretty good physique (based on what others have told me (like trainer and fellow athletes who go to the gym)
      I weigh 67 kg I guess that’s about 140+ pounds or something like this
      so yea, I was wondering if you know as a naturall bodybuilder any tips for me or what I have to watch out about?
      and 1 more question, what do you think about protein bars and protein shakes? especially in my ages?
      thanks for your time!

    • Haris Zukic says:

      get a good coach dont use steroids. eat a lot and train with the program the good coach gave you. Start with machines so your joints can get used to operate under weight after some time you have to switch slowly up.

    • Douglas Smith says:

      it’s sad that hollywood had to idolize someone who decided to do his own sport the unnatural route. i personally don’t think arnold should be as famous as he is because of his steroid use. someone out there who is the real “arnold” and decided to lift completely natural will never be put in the spotlight ever in the history of bodybuilding because you can’t replace what people already consider to be perfection. i’m just so sad and disappointed ugh

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