At home workouts now a days are literally a lifesaver at times, especially when you do not have a gym membership or you simply cannot make it to the gym.

In this video, I’m going to show you a follow a long workout you can complete with me within the confinements of your home. This workout routine will hit your entire body and make you sweat more than ever!

Whether your goal is to build muscle or lose weight, you don't necessarily have to ever step foot in a gym. However, to be effective in accomplishing your goals, you can use this perfect home workout paired with a few other follow along workouts on the bullyjuice channel to get you where you want to be!

This perfect home workout will not only be me showing you the exercises, but I will also be working out with you as your virtual personal trainer! I will push you to finish! Do not give up on me!

This workout for home is going to allow you to hit your total body in only 20 minutes! You don't need an excessively long workout and potential for doing too much without any particular guidelines. This selection of exercises based on movement patterns that you can hit any and everywhere.

COMPLETE this 40 min workout 2-3 times for (TOTAL WORKOUT TIME: 80-120 MINUTES)

THIS FOLLOW ALONG WORKOUT WILL INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING EXERCISES: Jumping jacks to start the workout and warm the body up, steam engines to get the core warmed up as well, squats, burpees, supermans, which is a great back exercise, planks, rest breaks, imaginary jump ropes, calf raises, arm circles/rotations(whatever you want to call it) to get those shoulders burning, ankle taps, glute bridges, push ups, toe touches, skate mills, side planks, flutter kicks


  1. datta sai kota says:

    I always wonder whether this guy is a human or a machine,but when I do a 30min workout video I realize that this guy is a workout monster,u r really great❤️❤️

  2. Chathu K says:

    Got to appreciate the quality of the thumbnails man. Came to the channel for a specific video but clicked this in a second.

    Edit: the new timer animation is sickkk

  3. Abanga Etuk says:

    I just realized he delete all of his military videos, I haven’t watched him in a few years. Any idea why?

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