Don't let your achy knees hold you back from your goals! In this video you will be able to accomplish some fat burning movements while avoiding harsh impact on your joints!———————————-
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I too have a history of achy knees. My knees hurt after doing a lot or jumping or running. We we still have goals right? burning fat, getting shredding, building muscle, getting lean, the list goes on.. So we have to be creative with our exercises in order to still continue to get to the gains! CLOCK IN!This HIIT workout will help you achieve your weight lose goals and burn fat. Although I have many other cardio workouts, this one does not involve a lot of jumping. In fact, there may be only one exercise you do a little hop in, but if that bothers you, modify it! step out instead!

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  1. Rayhan Uddin says:

    Less goo another hiit another challenge another day, also thank you soo much bullyjuice I lost so much weight and gains muscle just from your 30 and 45 days workouts

  2. SaltyCola says:

    Yo by the way just wanted to say you are a great fitness guide, you have helped me better my physique and lifestyle so thank you my man

  3. Darren Gerrard says:

    @bullyjuice… If we could get a video from you every day that would be greatly appreciated hahaha thanks man for all you do for us and for your drive to keep pushing us. I know in one of your videos you said we need to find what motivates us and be discipline on that and by you providing us with these videos is the reason why we stay motivated so thank you to you for pushing us and knowing to not give up on ourselves and especially on you thanks alot bully please keep giving and will give back in putting in the work

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